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  1. We cannot estimate the waves, as that depends on the lag and how smoothly the event goes. If you use a 100% amulet, you should be able to get pretty close to 200 if not all the way there.
  2. Hello Rising Warriors, We will be hosting a big EXP event this weekend on Saturday, April 28th. Location of event: Norak [Event] map. You can teleport here using the teleporter Orz in Ardeca. Time of Event: 7 a.m. Eastern Standard Time 6 a.m. Central 5 a.m. Mountain Daylight Time 4 a.m. Pacific Daylight Time 12 p.m. British Summer Time 1 p.m. Germany 2 p.m. Turkey 7 p.m. Philippines, Indonesia, and Taiwan 8 p.m. Korea and Japan If you do not see your timezone in this list, comment and I can add it for you. Duration of event: Will be announced (Aiming at 1 hour - 1.5 hours depending on the availability of staff members) Rules: - No pking - No stealing EXP from other rooms if you are not in their raid Breaking these rules will result in temporary ban until the conclusion of the event I recommend farming for Experience Amulets before the event begins! (300 Dirhham = 1 day 100% exp amulet) See you all next weekend! - [GM]HeXXeD & [GM]Ybarro
  3. Team name - Kittyyy Katnip (Cap) RobertPattinson JazzNoLimit aJinx
  4. How exactly is it different? Fayth is both a player and a staff member here. She still has to lvl her character and gear up just like everyone else. Just because she's a GM she shouldn't participate in pk wars? Farm items? Kill bosses? PvP? If she showed up on her GM and killed everyone maybe I could see where you're coming from...
  5. Well I would believe you are the one who confused personal reputation and staff reputation when this post was created?
  6. I already did that like 3-4 years ago. Started off noob too and had to build a character, name, and reputation. No, I did not just come into this server as an OPR, neither did Fayth as a GM. All staff has worked very hard for YEARS building a name and reputation for ourselves in this server AND giving back to the community of rising with events, frequent updates and new items, and always being there to help this server. Sorry, but nothing was ever "just handed" to us.
  7. Please explain how she "used her popularity" if she has genuinely known Maestru and others and these people are her friend. Was she not supposed to call for help in 6v1? Correct me if I'm wrong here.
  8. Buying 10% poison tera arms for 30b. PM me here or in game. IGN: 9Tails
  9. That sounds AWESOME! More personalization would be great and no losses! +1000
  10. HeXXeD

    New Player Guide

    Unfortunately you have to have a bank card or a paypal account to donate. My suggestion would be to purchase a prepaid visa card or a paypal card from a store near you and use that card to donate.
  11. THISSSS! +100000 I would love to walk around in pure costume not having the wings in the way.
  12. TBH making seg heals turn them pink/flag, would only hurt non geared segs in pk wars. I can and usually do flag when I'm on my seg in a pk war and usually with the right protection and buffs, it is tough to kill me. I have seen many people bring 2-3 NON GEARED full spr segs just to heal them. These full spr segs have much better heals than my seg as I am a battle seg which is kind of annoying. If these NON GEARED full spr segs were to flag on a heal, they would die instantly. I know I am not the only seg who finds this unfair and TBH it gives segs a bad name, showing we are ONLY good for healing which I believe is so old school. The segnale class has evolved so much over the years and we are no longer only good for heals. Right now I'm pretty sure there are more ungeared full spr segs than geared battle-build segs. Hopefully if this change goes into effect, more segs will actually gear up so if they do turn pink on heals they will be able to actually tank.
  13. Concerra is a great class to play if you like seeing high damage on your opponent. They are also one of the best classes at stunning their opponents ensuring they cant get away or use any skills. Concerra does fall slightly weak when it comes to tanking; however, I don't believe high DD classes should be tanky. My advice to any Concerra is practice practice practice!!! your stun combos and you will annoy any opponent you face