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  1. DeeTox's Market

    BUYING: 2x OSM/TERA Armlets 8%-10% Poison dmg = Donations (Amount depends on osm/tera and %) SELLING: +9 180 Poison Necklace +9 180 Ice Necklace TRADING: +10 FV 195 SigL bow = +10 FV 195 staff (poison dmg preferred) Hunter set (perf armor and pants, 2L vit noble gloves, good helm, random tera boots) & +10 Perf 195 Blue sig xbow = FV CS gloves Drop a comment or PM me IGN: {VIP}DeeTox / Katnip / Dizz
  2. Some Calls It Luck But I Call It Life!

    Grats bro!
  3. Incar Magician

    Mages are a REALLY fun class to play especially in DKSQ. They can be so tanky and also deal out HUGE area dmg. I was full heal build on my mage which I found to work for me. Adding spr won't really raise her dmg too much so I'd say stick to more of a heal build. Weapon suggestion, I'd say if you have the dil/$$$ go for 2 weapons - Wand with full ice gems and a staff with full light gems. Mages really have 2 high damage combos, 1 with lightning skills and 1 with ice skills. I used to use my Light staff for my light combo then switch to wand for my ice combos which really worked. If you can't afford both right now I would definitely say go for a perfect 195 wand with light damage as it is much cheaper (probably half the price now) of a perfect 195 staff due to the vitality stats the staff can get. Enjoy the all powerful mage class Pm me in game for any tips/combos {VIP}DeeTox/Katnip/[OPR]TikTok
  4. 3 vs 3 Party PvP Tournament

    Anyone wanna make a team???
  5. Trading goodSegu = good CS

  6. New Player!

    Welcome! Hope you enjoy it here
  7. Deadfront [Event]

    Everyone should do df more often... It's always been my favorite thing about dekaron/2moons People always ask me why I do it when I'm already 200 lol. Maybe we should boost the exp it gives so more people can come here after 190 instead of relying on 190 dg
  8. Deadfront [Event]

  9. Trading goodSegu = good CS

    Yes, offer for it?
  10. Trading goodSegu = good CS

  11. [Patch 13.3] Balance Pt.1

    On the bright side seggys got a good update Rise Fierce + Paralyze = OP freeze
  12. Trading goodSegu = good CS

    Humpty Bump
  13. Trading goodSegu = good CS

  14. Dekaron Rising 1vs1 PVP Part 2