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  1. Crashing after ptm,br ends

    Same problem even if your changing channel.
  2. Buying Perf Tera belt = Donation/Dils

    Ur d4rk4ng3l? Im just trolling this guy
  3. Buying Perf Tera belt = Donation/Dils

    Have osm perf
  4. Buying 2H axe lv200 +10 perf in donation

    50$ lowest price
  5. PK the GM Event

    Reward for this event?
  6. Black Friday Sale

    Wrong timing bro
  7. Patch 14.1: Save Parca!

    BTW only seleana respawn at ark channel? then akris & blood monster respawn 3 channel?
  8. Patch 14.1: Save Parca!

    Woah so other people now say its not pay to win.. good job!
  9. Leveling

    How about p & b coins for the winners in DF