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  1. Hello. Totally new player here.

    Advertisement galing !
  2. Braiken Castle Guild Wars

    Make it real royal rumble 😊
  3. Make red light weap a “red crystalline” is just the same design of 195 light weap. or make it flaming weap 👍
  4. Why tritone spot even no boss but u died..what was that attack?
  5. Castor

    Maybe castor is for newbie and never pk by maestru
  6. New Player Experience

  7. New Player Experience

    The key is to farm hard as i experienced as newbie. i start farm the ff: (No akris farming to much pk even parca akris in 3 channel) crapgems (1bag or 50pcs.) = 15-50m gold argate (25pcs) = 200-250m dragonbone (100pcs) = 300-350m Thanks to Legend “XXXCHRIS01” for the guide, I earn dils to buy osm set & 180 weaps on my newbie days
  8. New Player Experience

    Dils drop also at arcadia ghost and kamats.
  9. 3v3 PvP event

    How about the exp event on 29?still on?
  10. DKR Holiday Screenshot [Event]

    IGN : EiffarGaming
  11. AFK IS </3

    Dual account is not bannable? I get my summy w/pet to lure more mobs is that okay?
  12. I Need A Class

    Goodluck ingame
  13. I Need A Class

    Go to school