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  1. Zeshin

    [Complete] 2018 Class PVP Tournament

    Zeshin AK Lv 200
  2. Zeshin

    [Complete] 2018 Class PVP Tournament

    Applying for Pammie IiIPammieBKIiI / IiIEscanorIiI Segu/Bagi Warrior Level 200/Level 200
  3. Zeshin

    Weekly PVP Event

    Items won't be Balanced , everyone must use his own items , so this event will be a actually an exlusive for geared players.
  4. Zeshin

    Weekly PVP Event

    I think i'll take the first Event as a test and then decide about this , I first need to see how much time it will take to complete the event. Anyways it's not a problem for me to host it on Saturday at the same hour. Thx for it.
  5. Zeshin

    Weekly PVP Event

    Hello Warriors The new Weekly PVP Event is finally here. How it will work: There will be a rotation of three kind of PVP Events 1v1 PVP Event 2v2 PVP Event 3v3 PVP Event Every week there will be the Following kind of Event (Example : First Week 1v1 , Second Week 2v2 , Third Week 3v3 , Fourth Week 1v1 ...) The Registration will be made before the event starts. Finals and Third Place matches will be Best of 3, all the other matches will be Single Elimination. __________________________________________________________________________________________________ When: The Event will be held on Sunday for the Weekends with Siege Battle and on Saturday on the other weekends, the hour will be 3:30 pm GMT+2 - Check your time at: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html?iso=20180401T133000&p1=215&p2=1411&p3=145&p4=248&p5=241&p6=136&p7=179&p8=37&p9=49&p10=446 __________________________________________________________________________________________________ Where: The event will be held at Ardeca on Channel Lurile , which means no d-shop buffs , no candies and no fishes. __________________________________________________________________________________________________ Prizes: 1st - 14k D-Shop Coins 2nd - 10k D-Shop Coins 3rd - 6k D-Shop Coins In case of 2v2 or 3v3 each member of the Top 3 teams will get the corresponding prize. __________________________________________________________________________________________________ Rules: No substitutions If a player WINS in a Weekly PVP Event he will be able to join on the next one. If players get disconnected during their fight i'm sorry to say that the fight will count as a lose. Any kind of Cheating is strictly forbidden and the player will get hard punished. You can only register in one team , changing team after the registration or after a lose is not allowed. You can only register one character , otherwise it will result like a kick from the Event. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Best of luck to those who are going to prove themselves in the Arena.
  6. Zeshin


  7. Zeshin

    [Major Update] Rising 2018 Patch

    Really well done! Was also really funny to test everything
  8. Zeshin

    hellow need advice

    Changing ur PC won't affect your Lag problems since is based on your connection but will increase your FPS (Frames Per Second) , for example if your PC freeze when you join a new map or you enter DKSQ that's a FPS issue. so changing the PC will only solve that problem , if you need less MS you need a better connection and if you already have a good connection so it's about where you live and Servers Locations.
  9. Zeshin


    Character : Zeshin Class : Azure Knight LVL : 200 --------------------------------------- Character : NightBlue Class : Seguriper LVL : 200
  10. Zeshin

    Sick of AK's

    To return to the main issue I will just say my opinion. After many PT PVP as AK I must say that AK needs a nerf. Even if the class is pretty hard isn't a reason to say that AK doesn't need a nerf because isn't true, As I said I did alot PT PVP against every class and even if I'm not on good gears ( Random tera set and 180 maces ) I had the chance to win due to AK dps. As Bone said Attack Acceleration nerf is needed since the real cd of the buff is 4 seconds , and probably a little nerf on overall damage since many AK on the server are tribuild users which guarantees an op dps itself. Also ppl shouldn't forget why this topichas been opened and doesen't need to become a topic full of personal accusations.
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