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    1. Warriors! Balance Part 14 is here! - Like always to make it easier for you guys, since you don't know how skill damage and PC damage works, we decided to write the changes as following: Damage has been Highly increased/decreased = you will notice a big difference in game Damage has been Moderately increased/decreased = you will notice a difference in game Damage has been Slightly increased/decreased = you will notice a small difference in game Damage has been Very slightly increased/decreased = you will barely notice any difference in game ↑ = Boost ↓ =
    2. Azure Knight Note: Since we don’t have any melee damage tolerance besides the 2% on a perfect statted belt, we decided to give Shoulder Charge 20% defense buff and -20% defense debuff instead. Shoulder Charge: ↑ Now gives the user 20% defense instead of 10% melee damage tolerance ↑ Now gives the target -20% defense instead of -10% melee damage tolerance ♥ Added unique buff/debuff icons It gave 10% Ranged tolerance and decreased 10% Ranged tolerance on the enemy, not Melee
    3. IGN: Zeshin Level: 210 Class: Azure Knight ------------------------------------ IGN:Paradox Level: 210 Class: Black Wizard ----------------------------------
    4. Zeshin


      Would you sell Segu for Dils?
    5. Location: Europe. ms before latest patch: 40-60, ms after patch 19-45
    6. WTS WTB Segu Perfect Set w/ v3 SB , Mc2 Helmet + Lv 200+10 FV Scythe
    7. Zeshin

      Weekly PVP Event

      Items won't be Balanced , everyone must use his own items , so this event will be a actually an exlusive for geared players.
    8. Zeshin

      Weekly PVP Event

      I think i'll take the first Event as a test and then decide about this , I first need to see how much time it will take to complete the event. Anyways it's not a problem for me to host it on Saturday at the same hour. Thx for it.
    9. Zeshin

      Weekly PVP Event

      Hello Warriors The new Weekly PVP Event is finally here. How it will work: There will be a rotation of three kind of PVP Events 1v1 PVP Event 2v2 PVP Event 3v3 PVP Event Every week there will be the Following kind of Event (Example : First Week 1v1 , Second Week 2v2 , Third Week 3v3 , Fourth Week 1v1 ...) The Registration will be made before the event starts. Finals and Third Place matches will be Best of 3, all the other matches will be Single Elimination. __________________________________________________________________________________
    10. Really well done! Was also really funny to test everything
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