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  1. WTS +!0 DN VS TERA SET (NO BOOTS) RANDOM/ 2x vit gloves , Helm 2x HP Current offer 10.5b WTS +10 LIGHT SIG STAFF 7% POISON/2x VIT. Pm me Ign : DualxInfection (^_^)
  2. "IM ALL THE WAY UP" -Fat Joe
  3. AloBuffs


    WTB PERFECT +10 TERA Summoner Helmet AND Armor WTB SUMMONER SB +10 PM ME Edit **** IN GAME NAME : DualxInfection
  4. TITLE STATS 3x increased Dmg 1x Crit atk Price =5B to the Next taker! plz only serious Inquiries If You have better offer reply or PM ME IGN: Porky I WILL BE STANDING BY WMB COME TO ME IN GAME THATK YOU Updated*
  5. Just as the Title says.. Selling Scythe 3x damage 1x curse dmg Willing to Trade for plumes or hunter tera Offer here or PM me In Game {VIP}Meuw
  6. AloBuffs

    WTT/WTS list

    Wanna Trade 2x 140 plumes for Sig Light Scythe?
  7. Ayyeee! Hey cass, this was pretty entertaining to read while the server's down low key Haha