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  1. Fire

    WTT Perk Ak

    Bro from one set to the next be like me
  2. Fire

    WTT AK

    What is u doing
  3. Fire


    +10 OSM HB armor, pants, gloves, helm +10 Tera Hunter armor, pants let me know something
  4. Fire


    Sell me them boots
  5. i know right i was told to do towers
  6. I legit am talking to you and you ignored me
  7. Fire

    VIP Memebership

    Say I gift a month of vip can I cancel it so that it will not renew before the following month?
  8. 44k Coins = 4.5b lowest increment I will send to character 1k = 100m (if you just want dshop items) IGN: Taco Disclaimer: prices may vary via ingame market to fourms, if you want to buy at my fixed price here on the fourms please schedule via pm dont question me about my prices, they are MY prices sooo that being said will probably need a middleman unless u gonna give me dem dils first I aint got no reason to finesse you children
  9. I want your hunter stuff lets discuss
  10. Fire


    I've decided to play this game, im starting a new character named Taco lets be friends
  11. Fire

    Account Recovery

    So i might start to play this game again but me no remember my main account information and you peoples still havnt made it available to users so can u recover or will I have to make a new one