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  1. TheCarSalesman

    New classes?

    No problem I’ll keep checking in occasionally for what your referring to. Any ETA?
  2. TheCarSalesman

    New classes?

    I haven’t played in idk how long last time I checked you (Nitex) said you were working on two new characters. Still waiting what’s the status on that any progress or anything at all? Or did you throw it under the rug for awhile?
  3. TheCarSalesman


    Right thats the struggle, Nitex ill sell you a car. I can give you like 4k-8k off any car whatever bro just let me know
  4. TheCarSalesman

    is dekaron rising more active than the other server .?

    Lol what. Bro you sold the a9 clients to other pservers for a one time payment then a % of donations that they get. (I bought one from you me and a couple friends) lol
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