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  1. WTB Thread (belts/armlets/kracions atm)

    no wonder no replys forgot to Bump. Bump
  2. Disconnected

    Right thats the struggle, Nitex ill sell you a car. I can give you like 4k-8k off any car whatever bro just let me know
  3. WTB Thread (belts/armlets/kracions atm)

  4. WTB Thread (belts/armlets/kracions atm)

    195 + 10 scythe DN fs 7% curse - bought +10 190 segu helm dn fs - bought +10 190 segu armor dn fs- bought +10 190 segu pants dn fs- bought +10 190 segu gloves dn- bought +10 190 segu boots dn- bought now looking for 2x spell kracions max upgrade 2x max armlets and belt!
  5. Enigma

    Oh ok interesting. Well yeah ill hop on time to time when i feel like at work. Hope all is well.
  6. WTB Seguriper

    +10 segu. 195 and the lower level what a 180? Both of those I just started so I'll offer donations. both DN with 7%s

    how much donation
  8. WTT 100% vs set weap

    how much for the tb
  9. Enigma

    Boredom havent played in years checking out whats new. Shit that used to cost us like $50+ you can get in 5 seconds already +9 lol...
  10. Enigma

  11. is dekaron rising more active than the other server .?

    Lol what. Bro you sold the a9 clients to other pservers for a one time payment then a % of donations that they get. (I bought one from you me and a couple friends) lol
  12. Buying Bagi and accessories

    Ight I need a perf Bagi set, some 180 plumes. I need everything top tier. armlets 5%, op belt I'm not spending more than $1,000 on everything. Just drop below what u got with all stats on them and also what gems are in them etc etc. Don't waste my time saying " well I got a so and so (not bagi) set" because I don't give a shit.
  13. WTT/WTS list

    how much donation for the vs set & wep
  14. I'm..

    Alright and thank ya
  15. I'm..

    Yeah that definitely won't happen When I get geared and everything we can pvp $10 a pvp