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  1. xSlasher

    hi its been a while

    What is your IGN ?
  2. xSlasher

    hi its been a while

    No! You just lost you GM tag thats all .. being a GM is a responsibility to help other people in needs to make this game balance and many other things that we players cant do . Its not about the tag in your name that is matter .. its the things you do to other players and for this server .
  3. xSlasher

    hi its been a while

    Come back GM im looking forward to see you in game again
  4. Your IGN is SellingCrapGems right :)?
  5. Im sorry to say but [GM]LadyKawaii won't open it . There is no point to discuss that tpic thats why he close it
  6. Hahaha go go go go i want to watch xD
  7. Hhaha thats why we love this server sir Nitex cause you and other staff are here to support us and give us more updates
  8. Yes Dekaron Rising is the Best Private Server and most active .. GM's and Staff are super friendly and understanding just dont break the rules cause your going to jail if you do that ..
  9. xSlasher

    This is cool

    haha im gonna buy PC like that xD
  10. xSlasher

    Anyone have a Nice VS Summy TB pvp guide?

    AK has a very OP damage
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