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  1. No! You just lost you GM tag thats all .. being a GM is a responsibility to help other people in needs to make this game balance and many other things that we players cant do . Its not about the tag in your name that is matter .. its the things you do to other players and for this server .
  2. Come back GM im looking forward to see you in game again
  3. xSlasher


    I cant log in now i have to go to church ATM mybe tomorow i will pm you i got the whole day to play
  4. xSlasher


    What is your IGN ?
  5. xSlasher


    I can buy you LSpear or trade it to Segu wep if you got L.GA
  6. xSlasher


    Humpty Dumpty xD
  7. Im sorry to say but [GM]LadyKawaii won't open it . There is no point to discuss that tpic thats why he close it
  8. Yes i agree there is no point to discuss this topic