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    I like boys xD i love to play online game such as Dota2, LoL , COC and now im going to try this game Dekaron Rising :)

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    Ask me if you want .. because i dont want to chat in strangers ..

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  1. MissCuttie

    hi its been a while

    To be honest i played this server not long but the things you said is true .. it dosen't matter if you have GM tag the important things to is you can help to other players and this server ..
  2. can you help me lvlup sir <3
  3. why is there to many server in dekaron ?
  4. MissCuttie

    Hai Guys Can You Help Me :)

  5. MissCuttie

    Hai Guys Can You Help Me :)

    Auh ok .. thanks !
  6. MissCuttie

    Hai Guys Can You Help Me :)

    5a. No Trading for real life currencies: The transfer, rent, sales, commencing/trading, or endorsement of such actions, of ID/account, character or items for real money/currency is strictly forbidden. You will be banned. 5b. D-Coins Trading / Donation Selling: The sale of cash shop coins for in-game items is not prohibited, however we recommend against it due to the frequency of scams associated with these actions. Engaging in the sale of and/or trade of donations you are accepting the risks associated with such trades. Rising is not responsible for loss of items, replacement, and/or currency in relation to these actions. Can i ask ? We are able to donates nomey to the server . But why cant i sell my items to other person ? Its my money and my account . Why would i get ban for it ? What kind of rules is this ?
  7. MissCuttie

    Hai Guys Can You Help Me :)

    Ok thanks ..!
  8. MissCuttie

    Hai Guys Can You Help Me :)

    Hi im new here at dekaron rising cause i played on the dekaron ellite .. what are the rules here ? Its it just the same as dekaron ellite .? Is there a guide here ?
  9. MissCuttie

    This is cool

    How can he manage to open that all account at once .?
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