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  1. best offer so far is 40b, auto deal price is 50b. @Yzhee
  2. Shrimp


    All sold for mega op donation.
  3. Make DKSQ entry fee 100m per round. Lose dil. Lose egutts. Server is cured.
  4. Lvling 2 times to 210 makes it even more cancerous and you end up being 210 again with literally the same outcome which you pointed out to be problematic; pk, dkq,br, ptm, then log off. That is literally the endgame content. If any, they should work on adding new pk content rather than some useless reborns.
  5. You need 50 Sealing Powder which cost 16,7k dcoins. Up.
  6. Upgraded Sealed Squama/Lach = 22b 2x 8% Light = 2b each 3x 300 HP = 1,8b each 2x 159 Medial = 1b each IGN: Shrimp Pm ingame or here
  7. Ask your girl how she likes me. She went down on me without fork and knife and did a good job. At least I make her feel full, not half empty, if you know what I mean. Say hi to your mom since I won't be seeing her in a while now when I got myself another side chick.
  8. I'm afraid I don't understand the point you're trying to make. Only thing I do know is that apparently I'm better at operating the keyboard regardless the matter; whether it is making a point or beating someone ingame. Since it's Christmas and I don't want to be rude, I invite your girlfriend to a burger. I will provide her fork and knife. You can also come along to sniff my ass and choke on my johnson so you can taste success for once in your lifetime. Cheers, have a good one!