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    1. Bebylon


      Ardeca x:y = 65:61
    2. Would recommend not to include those with 1-8 posts/replies for they obviously are alts @Umichan
    3. IGN Paradox Lv 210 Class: Black Wizard
    4. Bebylon


      For Dark resist gems
    5. Character Name: {VIP}SpicyNoEvil Map Location(of DC/Crash/Disconnect): dksq/ptm/br. Does the client say any message before the game closes? No it just closes, it doesnt even give me an option for the client to respond. Description: crashing and dcing often occurs when i join and leave a match, and if people spam invite me to a party while in a raid, it so happens when i try to respawn. Can you reproduce the issue? no but this will most likely happen in every single match join in
    6. Spicyfists Spicerra
    7. {VIP}QueenInori will win DK pvp sers
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