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    1. I wish I have time to play this game again
    2. Kenz

      Merry Christmas

      Merry Christmas DEM0N with Idol Belfagore <3
    3. IGN: Guard Class: Azure Knight Level: 210 IGN: DEM0N Class: Half Bagi Level: 210
    4. Buy |Sell |Trade Items For Trade & Sell Bagi Warrior (Items) Half Bagi (Items) Vicious Summoner (Items) Accessories Rondow Blue Necklace = 10b 6% Curse / 2% Defeat (Crystalline Armlet) = 90B 10% Poison (Crystalline Armlet) = 90B 10% Fire (Crystallin Armlet) = 90b List of Items I'm looking for: Buying or Trade from my item list RW Segnale Mc3 Siege Skin or Siege Weapon Discord: Kenz#1337 IGN: {VIP}BusinessM4N (Leave a comment down below)
    5. are those Rondow Emblem's gonna be permanent to players when you buy it for 75,000 Coins?
    6. This is a great news for everyone! Specially for people who plays AK or any class that’s switching weapons and people who switch accessories. having a FPS drop is so bad, I know how it feels because I always been having this problem like always. playing in DKSQ/Pvp with FPS problem can be annoying rolling back to a previous location or teleporting to a random location in the map thank you sir @Nitex for fixing this issue and problem.
    7. It's no longer Black Market, I leave the Group open years ago, didn't even know it became a black market group because I wasn't playing Dekaron Rising yet after they change the Uprising to Rising. some people still post shit like buying Item but I change the name to All Dekaron Server they don't know what server they're trying to buy or sell, those idiots. I might just disband the group instead... (I made that group for my Guild before)
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