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    If ull just look for a decent tera set and sig wep , without mc2/sb v3/crystaline wep, ull get it way more cheaper than b4..
  2. About the SV V3

    adding the above mentioned will give value again for the sb v2 which is great, i wont sell my old sb v2 then, till this happen, thanks fayth.
  3. About the SV V3

    Can u guys tell me, if its possible in the future that sb V3 +1000 crit will be remove? cuz till now im not selling my old v2 xD thanks for the answer,
  4. [TRADE] 10% lightning tera armlet = Fire same

    u know its a no sir, but anyway nice try, thanks..
  5. WTT/WTS

    is ur dk set 100%perfect to worth 20b? lemme know cuz im interested IF its perf.
  6. hellow need advice

    thats what im talking about actually, thanks sir zeshin
  7. hellow need advice

    Base on my EXP mate, i had 2 laptops which is both HP first is i3 with 4gb ram and 1tb hdd 2nd is i5 with 4gb ram and 1tb hdd i noticed that when i play dekaron on my i3, the laptop is starting to get really high temp. especially on the bottom left part, it comes to the point that i cant even touch the bottom left part because it was too hot, and the delay of the game and lagginez is so annoying.. but when i play on i5 processor, same ram (4gb) i noticed big difference, temperature of the bottom left part was warm, and ms is quite enough to play 300+ms .. but on a event like when there is too much player, lagg is started and u can rarely moved thats my only problem with i5 processor, but my friend bought a ROG Asus with i7 processor and 12gb ram and a high graphics, the game was so good, he gets like 200+ms but its a huge huge huge difference compare to my i5.. well thats all, i hope it gives u some idea, enjoy..
  8. [TRADE] 10% lightning tera armlet = Fire same

    oops didnt notice the %dmg sorry sir no for now.
  9. [TRADE] 10% lightning tera armlet = Fire same

    i Pmed u already!