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  1. Want To Buy

    Ok ao i have 500+AR Ga crystaline, im selling it for 25b cuz it has high AR
  2. Offense Aloken

    Any gems would do dmg since it doesnt have element, it use physical damage i suggest instead of finding a perfect 10% elemental damage armlet, which is we all know that expensive, try to find a 2x 3% element dmg (FIRE/CURSE/LIGHT/POISON/ICE and 2%dmg u can find it way cheaper than the 10% element armlet. Happy to see ur interest to the only class i love, if theres anything i can help or if u have any question about alo u can pm me anytime in game or here. ign: Scorpia HF

  4. [SALE] Perfect Segu = Donations or Dills

    Need $ or pure dills only sorry
  5. [SALE] Perfect Segu = Donations or Dills

    Up Updated some items sold,perf crystaline scythe and perd H left.
  6. S>perf CS set/V3/MC2/200wep=dils

    Trade to OP ALO 4line hp recov helmet/v3/2x 200 weap/armlet/ High AR High Vit (192 vit gloves)
  7. [SALE] Perfect Segu = Donations or Dills

  8. oddities1

    You should make a ticket regarding your mistake, and they will fix it for you as soon as possible, make sure to have your transaction number since they need it for ur proof of billing, Dont worry bout it cuz ur not d only one made this mistake and it will be fixed if u give the right information.. goodluck ^^
  9. Crystaline Scythe +10 FV = 15b or 75$ Segu perfect helmet 4line hp = 3b or 15$ Segu FV Gloves =12b or 50$ [SOLD] Segu Perfect armor no def line max gems = 3.5B or 20$ [SOLD] Segu Perfect pants 1line def max gems = 3B or 15$ VIP TAG Donation [SOLD] Segu Perfect Sbv2 no def or ms line AR = 3B or 15$ VIP TAG Donation [SOLD!] Pm me here or ingame IGN: Propaganja / Scorpia
  10. I Need A Class

    Try Halfbagi warrior since u are already a warrior type of player..
  11. CLOSED

    Trade to OP HB Pm me if interested
  12. Black frday sale

    How about the extra bonus of VIP's is it going to be doubled as well or nah?
  13. Segu SB "V3" All Resistance Value

    Wts> luck
  14. [Preview] Dark Wide Rework

    I feel you bro, but i still believe somehow that balance teams know what they are doing! A big goodluck