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  1. WTS Crystalline xBow +10 Perf

  2. WTS Crystalline xBow +10 Perf

  3. WTS Crystalline xBow +10 Perf

  4. Assassin's Recruiting

    you can just Pm Me in Game IGN : ProximaMidnight , Luthor
  5. WTS Crystalline xBow +10 Perf

    Pm'd you
  6. WTS Crystalline xBow +10 Perf

    Selling Pm Me IGN : Luthor Accepting : Dils and Donation
  7. Yeah but everyone should be able to get something which has some "advantage" , balance won't be ruined by just 1% pk pvp increase on each of ring, since it's close to defence neck if you compare, people will still use resist necks though xD.
  8. Well, so how someone who doesn't have castle will farm kona robin? Seriously.
  9. Dekaron Rising Balance Part 1

    Ridiculous post.
  10. WTS/T 195 full vit SigMetal staff +10 7% lights