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  1. Maestru

    Top player all time. All class

    AK : Roasteed Seg : Independent CS : Raph ( I mean duhh ? ) Bagi : Xona DW : Maestru ( Obviously, everyone else is trash ) HB : Zeshin Mage : Deebyl Hunter : Bon3y Segu : Delac DK : Bon3Crush3r Aloken : Kianni
  2. Maestru

    [Complete] 2018 Class PVP Tournament

    Class : Wizzard Level : 200 Name : Maestru
  3. Qune Temple Rescue The Hostage Event Hello warriors, today I wanna talk to you about an upcoming event called Rescue The Hostage which will take place in the Qune Temple map. ( Note : You teleport to Qune Temple from Orz ( Raid Coordinator ) in Ardeca, level required 190+ ) As you can see above there are two locations highlighted in RED on the map, in one of those two locations or even both of them there will be a staff member [OPR] or [GM]. Your mission is to find the staff member that is trapped in Qune and escort him to the teleporter called Conrad located in the beginning of the map. There will be various bosses scattered all over the map such as Karke, Qusil, Tritone and more, along with various mobs. Rule nr.1 : Form a party, search for the staff member and be the first ones to party him. You will need to form a party with as many members as you like, with any type of characters that you want. You will need to make sure that the staff member will reach the destination without dying. ( Note : The OPR or GM can only be killed by mobs in case the staff member dies he will respawn to the previous location highlighted on the map. ) Rule nr.2 : Begin escorting and defending the staff member. Other parties may try to kill you while you are trying to escort the staff member. The staff member that is getting rescued will start following the party leader from the moment the party invitation has been sent. Rule nr.3 : What happens if the rescue party dies. In case the whole rescue party dies the staff member will leave the party and remain in the same location without moving until a different party sends a party invitation, from that moment the staff member will start following the other party's leader until they reach the destination. Prize : Each party will receive 30,000 coins per member for succesfully escorting the staff member !
  4. Maestru

    Braiken Castle Guild Wars Poll

    There isn't any guild with 50 active members most are split and I can already see the most OP guild recruiting the best possible members for this event. By setting the maximum amount of around 20 this means more guilds will be able to apply. There doesnt exist such thing as teaming up 2,3 or even more guilds teaming up to eliminate another guild is a part of the strategy "I will team up with you to eliminate the other oponent that is stronger than us divided but weaker than us when we are together to maximize both of our chances to win" that's how I see it
  5. What do you guys think ? Leave a comment also and I will check each and everyone of them !
  6. Maestru

    Braiken Castle Guild Wars

    As I said again, this can be played in ANY way possible if Royal does that it means they might not be the smartest, this event doesnt ensure the "strongest" guild wins, but the guild with the best strategy.
  7. Maestru

    Braiken Castle Guild Wars

    There is no time limit, guilds get in, and when there is only 1 guild left standing the event ends, so even if they run eventually there will be only 1 winner.
  8. Maestru

    Braiken Castle Guild Wars

    The map pk system is like in under crespo meaning that if you pk someone who isnt flaged you will remain purple not go niete (red) so even if they choose not to pk it will be their disadvantage.
  9. Maestru

    [Feedback Needed] New Custom Skills

    Please don't ? Besides the fact that we have no clue how this will affect the balance aspect I also don't think we can get new and unique animations only a combination of those that are already in the game. I am strongly against this and will be until the end. If it ain't broken, don't fix it.
  10. Braiken Castle Wars So as I was sitting around in Ardeca shouting I was thinking about how much I would like to see a war between multiple guilds. And so this idea has been born. We have various maps that are not being used right now, that are cool old maps which most likely will give players a sentiment of nostalgia when revisiting them, like for instance Braiken Castle. The Way this event should work: Each and every guild can send any number and any specific player to represent the guild in this war, there is no level restriction or items restriction although the higher the level, greater the number and better the items the higher the chances of winning. There will be some spawn points for different guilds as shown in the picture below ( note : the spawn points shown are made for orientation purpose only and may not reflect the exact spawn location of each guild and they will most likely be random. ) How to win this event: Unlike the Siege Battle there wont be any talker stone and the only way a guild can win this event is by totally eliminating all the other guilds that are inside Braiken Castle once the event starts. There could be multiple approaches a guild can take to secure the victory against all the others, you could take a stealth approach going in fewer numbers to avoid detection by guilds with multiple members and let them slaughter each other, you could go in greater numbers targeting only the weaker and the fewer members of the guilds that you will encounter, also class and combination of classes can influence the outcome of this battle like a party full of invisible summoners. So the possibilities are endless I can't even list them all here cause it will take hours if not days ! Why would I join this event ? What do I have to gain ? To answer this question I was thinking about making braiken castle a map only accesible to the guild that won the Braiken Guild War and making all the NPC's like Blacksmith's and/or other NPC's that can upgrade items to have a higher succes chance than the ones in Ardeca. ( note: this is just one of the ideas of how this event could be rewarded for the winning guild and it might not be the exact reward. ) Side note : Various visual effects for a better representation of the carnage inside Braiken Castle should and most likely will be added like massive fog effect, dead soldiers and various other textures while also removing all the NPC's and Monsters for the duration of the battle. I hope you will enjoy this idea and I am looking forward to seeing it become reality. Best of luck Warriors !
  11. Maestru

    Hello. Totally new player here.

    My fps dropped in Ardeca not in pvp O.o get your facts straight please tyvm
  12. Maestru

    Hello. Totally new player here.

    Someone should post some screenshots of the 1v1 tournament, so many people came to either pvp in the tournament or watch that my FPS dropped ( well I dont have the best pc but still ) I have played this game completly play 2 win farming different items doing smart trades and I've become what Nitex and other players referre to as "perfectly" geared without spending any huge amounts of cash, 10-20 bucks here and there for a costume or a talisman, protector, etc. So in my opinion yes it is a very good server and one worth playing if it wasn't people wouldn't be staying or constantly coming back here ! Good luck and see you ingame.
  13. Maestru

    1 Vs 1 Overall Best Player Tournament

    Name : Maestru Class : Dark Wizard