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  1. {VIP}xDevil

    [Testers Needed] DK Square Crash Fix

    Iam UP for This
  2. {VIP}xDevil

    Quiting Because of Crashes

  3. {VIP}xDevil

    Quiting Because of Crashes

    It was Nice to play with you guys but since i cant play this Game Because of Crashes its useless to stay online just to sell items and Shits So iam Quiting this server until you Guys Fix this Crashes i hope you guys will Fix it Soon Good Luck Kind Regards xDevil
  4. {VIP}xDevil


    This is bad idea if they add new set Cuz most of People Still Struggling to get tera ones they add new set it will impossible for them to get gares
  5. {VIP}xDevil

    1 Vs 1 Overall Best Player Tournament

    IGN =>xDevil Class => CS Lvl => 200
  6. {VIP}xDevil

    DKR Holiday Screenshot [Event]

    IGN :=> xDevil Class :=> CS Shadow Warriors
  7. {VIP}xDevil


    Concerra Dont need anything Shes already OP Iam also Concerra player in game
  8. {VIP}xDevil

    DKR Halloween Screenshot Event [Winners]

    it worth 10k so Basically i won Just 5k
  9. {VIP}xDevil

    DKR Halloween Screenshot Event [Winners]

    Winners should have that death wing pet too JS
  10. {VIP}xDevil

    DKR Halloween Screenshot Event

    TY <3
  11. {VIP}xDevil

    DKR Halloween Screenshot Event

    IGN: xDevil Royal Subject 1
  12. {VIP}xDevil

    Crystalline Weaps Overpriced?

    sooner or later the price will go down its expensive just because they r just released
  13. {VIP}xDevil

    Best Class Tour Winner Prediction

    Azure Knight: Kianni Concerra Summoner: PoisonFlora Vicious Summoner: Carlot Segita Hunter: SHES13 Segu Reaper: NightBlue Bagi Warrior: {VIP}Roasteed Dragon Knight: {VIP}QueenInori Half Bagi: SexyRexy Aloken: xIndependent Segnale: {VIP}Chrystella Incar Magician: Bon3y Dark Wizard: {VIP}Delac
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