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  1. GreenApple

    Apple`s shop

    i updated the prices
  2. i got 4% fire 6% dmg? or price in dils?
  3. GreenApple

    Apple`s shop

    ~ RETIRED ~
  4. GreenApple

    buy/sell acct

    can i buy/sell accounts = any ingame currency?
  5. GreenApple


    whats ur ign?
  6. GreenApple

    Help leveling

    im kinda broke can i know ur ign?
  7. buy please 80% to africa 20% for me
  8. GreenApple

    Seraph`s Shop

    WTS Images: - Aloken perf ALO set+2x wep(mc2/v3/200weps skinned)=60b fix/offer Bagi Tera+10 G FV-168=15b/offer DW Tera+10 set no Armor v2,T-H=offer 200+10 orb 7% fire 2L vita magic=offer 2x T+9 arms (4% fire 6% dmg)=20b/offer