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  1. Seraph

    The first class to consider best for pvp

    yes CS most OP class PS: I like you ❤️ lets spam forum more keep it up
  2. Seraph


    is this what we call bump? 😂😂
  3. Seraph


    pls let us see who vote yes so we can KOS
  4. Seraph

    Let's work together: DCs/Crashes

    Character Name: i play all char Map Location (of DC/Crash/Disconnect):leaving dksqr/ptm/BR/changing channel/teleporting to other map/ UNPLUGGING MY WIFI Does the client say any message before the game closes?not responding Description (what happened? the more detail the better): for leaving dkqr/ptm/br when casting a skill and the animation isnt finish and you leave instantly sometimes it shows not responding for changing channel/map happens when someone caste a skill too/fps drop/lag; shows not responding Can you reproduce the issue? (can you make it happen again?:possible i think this not responding issues only affects ppl with bad pc cuz when my client freeze a little not responding shows up; lowering the ram usage might help