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  1. Good update just disappointed of new set release. You guys should better release part by part like mc2 or sbv3, adding them to a boss to give opportunity to everyone to make their items slowly. You better have focused on improving new maps, dungeons or pk maps. Also which is really not fair, you never gave a hint about new set incoming, all dcoins which we bought x2 already gone and making sets in Dekaron (not only Rising) is really a money sucker. For now I will stop playing, idk if I will come back or not. Afterall I wish the server all best for the future! Cheers
  2. @zennou I don't want to tag you but since I can't reach you really I couldn't find any other solution.
  3. With the sentence : "Registration ends on 25th of December", I thought I can apply on 25. december without problem. I tried to do that on 2pm CEST Time and it was closed. So it would be fair to receive a chance and participate.
  4. I remember last year some guys applied / registered on the same day where the tournament started.
  5. Hi Dekaron Staff, I know I'm a bit late to register for the class vs. class tournament, but since you said we can register until 25. december, I decided to register today. But when I started to do that, I saw that the registration was closed. I wasn't sure I'd have time for the tournament, but since the corona lockdown forced the company where I work to close, I'd really like to participate in the tournament. So please consider me and myself to the warriors who gonna fight for their life tomorrow. Alo - D4rk4ngel HB - Belfagore Stay safe!
  6. We better having fun ingame isntead in the forum. Come join us to have more fun :>)
  7. Why do you even wan't to kill that boss and get anything from it? Like Danny already said, the boss and the drop of it (ring etc.) is already outdated. You can get much better rings or drop from other bosses. Cheers
  8. I can't connect to the game also. There must be a maintanance ongoing now. But no Information on the Forum though
  9. The error says that files are missed, which are maybe important for the execution of dekaron. Do you deleted by accident some files? I think that your anti virus software deleted these / many files from the dekaron folder, since many files in the dekaron package, are categorized as malicious objects........ Whitelist the path of the dekaron folder while installing / extracting dekaron on your pc. that should solve your problem.
  10. Many expect a negative commend from me, thus I must break my record of negative commends... Danny you are.... .. a great improvement not only for Nitex and the staff team, but also for our gaming experience and game improvement (also thanks to players who do alot of improvements or help improve some outdated stuff) I'm glad to see these good changes not only within rolling out some new staff like items or accessories, but finally do something about the old stuff which dekaron still had after so long time. The most important thing on dekaron for me is the Pv
  11. well said Bon3. This should be changed or re-worked. Thanks.
  12. 100b - pm me back if you're not interested.
  13. Hello Danyboi, come on! I've huge respect to you, even we had small differences in the past, you was always correct and saying what you think or thought really. You say now: "You think zennou would nerf your classes because of a weekly pvp event? come on. You are not being fair." come on! This is ridicilous, and I don't wan't to talk anymore if you try to reflect me like this here. It just show me, that you don't even read all the forum comments. I mentioned that because there is no other point to roll out balance patch if it's not done!! I don't say zennou, b
  14. Because it's maybe 1 - 2 Days before the pvp event 2v2. Lets push Seg and DK in that event. Oh wait, there will be a party like that. I expect at least a boost of other characters while nerfing that much some like the above characters. You can't tell me that the patch wasn't done, but you still roll it out?
  15. Just saying it, it's your choice if you wan't to care about it. Have a look at the balance team and their updates, since this can't be right. Pushing or leaving out the characters you play and nerf those with whom you struggle with is not the correct thing, Nitex. I am really dissapointed in the outcomming of this balance patch. Its clearly to see that Fayth wasn|t patricipating in the team... Greetings
  16. yea. I didn't expect anything else from you Nitex. Since you gave up on it >)
  17. so dk is going to be meta again. nice rework (#sarcasm on) why not rework bagi, as it is shit in mass pvp?