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  1. sir.. when will we receive colo rewards ?

  2. Free Parking Beat the HIT summer <3
  3. web1415

    News & Update Preview

    Damn... Cool Parca Story.. ^.^ keep up.. RISING !!!!! <3
  4. This wicked shitty seg is worshiping the power of poison instead of f*cking curse.. Sup guys!! Peace out ^^
  5. Team Spices xD DeathfaLL {VIP}BungangAldo {VIP}xTatsuya PoTazZZ
  6. Nitex can you please help fix my problem -.- I can connect Y.Y ... Ticket #266

  7. Hello! Why I cant connect to the server? I already reopen many clients to open still cant connect,, says Connecting................ and Respond Time Exceeded! plss help me