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      Lvl 60-180: egutt Desert Lvl 180-190: Tower Dungeon/Crespo Dungeon Lvl 190-210: Parca/Ruins of rudene/deadfront (200+ shangrila) Lvl 210-216: shangrila/ El mar/ deadfront
    2. Overall, all classes got one lvl 215 pvp and one pve skill. Damage was lowered when they were invented. This was due to balancing purposes. Anyways, sooner or later they will be adjusted again.
    3. Updated! Added Siege Skin and Rondow Skin.
    4. You will receive a bit of exp, yes. If you planned to level in there I highly recommend leveling in parcas right wing from lvl 190 to 200 while participating in the lvl 190-210 deadfronts
    5. No! The usage of multiple personal characters on battle servers is forbidden.
    6. Expert Blacksmith Package (Price: 12.000 Coins): - 2x 25% Blacksmith Talisman - 1x 40% Blacksmith Talisman Artisan Blacksmith Package (Price: 25.000 Coins): - 3x 30% Blacksmith Talisman - 1x 50% Blacksmith Talisman - 1x Blacksmith Protector Master Blacksmith Package (Price:35.000 Coins): - 3x 40% Blacksmith Talisman - 1x 50% Blacksmith Talisman - 2x Blacksmith Protector
    7. Time Limit: 40 Minutes Min. Party of 2 People Level Requirement: 200+ Location: Acquirai Ruins; Reachable via Reezena in Ardeca Drops: Arch Skin Diamond, Wing fragments, dream powders, Grace of Arch, 115 All Resistance gems, 126 All Resistance gems, Argates and Mavrics “Fairy Emperor Baz and his fairies have succumbed to the influence of the otherworld. Protect the elemental magic from them.” Are you ready? Let's go! After entering the dungeon with at least two people, go to the gate where it all begins. Use the lever and the ground shakes while the "Gevs" appear and await you at the end of the path. The number of monsters is manageable - a piece of cake for you! Fire them up. After you have finished them all, the first boss named "Agar Gev" appears. „Intruder! How dare you to step into this holy ground?!” For you intrepid warriors, such an oversized stone fairy will certainly not demand much effort, will it? His last words do not make you shy away from the further way. Step through the gate and go to the lightning fairies "Vairas". Once in their midst, you'll have to eliminate 30 monsters before the next boss, "Fides Vaira", confronts you „Your faith betrays you. What are you fighting for?“ Rhetorical question - For power and glory, of course. Bring this one to its knees as well and move forward without pride being your possible downfall. However, beware of its electricity, it robs your life force! The closed door breaks open as Guardian “Muldon” awakens from his deep slumber. „I will show you no mercy. I’ll tear you apart.“ Muldon will try to stun you with his thrown stones before targeting your heads with simple punches. If he lifts himself off the ground, he'll drop down to knock you back. Watch out for the falling rocks! Breathing heavily, he tells you his last words while another gate opens. "Go back before it's too late" he announces. Behind the gate, a familiar lightning creature awaits you - the Lionheart. „My lightning will burn you to crisp!” – Quite cheeky the old grandpa with the hammer! Don't let his massive HP intimidate you and watch out for the lights above the ground. Blue light promises higher damage! Try to finish him off in this area. You should also keep an eye on the "Berserk Countdown". After a certain time he goes into a complete state of rage, if you haven't sent him to the afterlife by then! Optimistically the Lionheart tries to threaten you: "This isn't over. Our Emperor will soon crush you to death." - HAHA, who can believe it... The Emperor Baz is waiting for you at his land. “Are you ready to fight?!” - Hell yeah! Unafraid of your skills, he strikes at you indiscriminately. His solid blows make the ground beneath you tremble. Be careful not to let his lightning element be your demise (Drain & Stun). Occasionally he lets it rain down lightning on you! (Tip: Lure him in the chamber where the Lionheart confronted you. Otherwise, mountains shall fall down on you ) “I thought I’ve gotten stronger… How did I lose? Why…?" His last words leave you without a single care. Grab his dropped treasures and exit the dungeon. Well played!
    8. Updated! Added White Crystalline Skin, Emerald Skin, Red Crystallix Skin, and Metallic Crystallix Skin.
    9. Actually it is listed at the headline of the pop-up.
    10. Hey bootex, the entry-level for dksq was increased to 200+. So that's why you arent able to enter it
    11. You should be able to join it via the column "Discord" at the header of the hp. Otherwise https://discord.com/invite/c9Jnn4Cm9S
    12. Dose

      Premium Costume

      Hey, Costumes aren't increasing any stats or giving buffs. So it's perhaps just a visual bug. Referring to your question about the duration: It should be 365d for 8.7k dcoins
    13. Dose


      Hey! Most of the fishers are located in "Draco Desert", since you can catch Malakites in these ponds
    14. DKSQ is usually lvl 200+
    15. Dose

      Vet amulet

      The new max level is 225 but after 215 the leveling progress is way slower. And yes, the 200% Amulet is worth it. Alternatively you can farm 300 Dirhams in Egutts level 120 and level 140 area, which can be exchanged for a 24h 100% amulet. Also you can exchange 25 Daily Attendance Coins for a 15-days 200% amulet at the NPC Karin
    16. Hey, I can't give you a 100 percent accurate answer. Anyways, I assume, that it is not the recovery per second. With 4x approx. 300 HP-Rec it would restore about 1.2k HP per second and thus 72k HP per minute . In this case, HP-Potions would be quite useless, i guess
    17. Dose


      Apparently it is, sorry
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