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  1. Close topic again toinks im asking for evidence that they said that i selling açcount ... why always saying make ticket ?what you think im doing... ofc i did but no reply .... this topic is close lol
  2. How long ill wait ? To your evidence pls ASAP and pls dont ban this forum acc ty. Or if no evidence pls unban my acc. Pls do justice

    Wtb reply

    Please reply to my post in sugestion ty
  4. Taena wala kang ginagawang masama ibaban ka bigla tapos baliktad pa yung post nila hays nanghihinayang talaga ako sa oras na ginugol ko sa laro na to... sayng ang pera at oras....i love you GM more flower
  5. First of all sorry for my english, Gm please say the truth that i created TA13OO and that is true and i say that to message to you. But after gm taboo pm me i deleted account same time,next thing im not selling all my acount in the forum pls send ss that im selling my acount, i said to forum "who want my acount i will give for free " and many forumer pm me and i gave some im sure they will prove if you dont banned them wew...please post screen shot proving that youre post is correct not just heresay .... please ilove this game but im sad cause of what happen ... dont close this topic ty im wating to youre ss proving that i break rules .... DONT CLOSE if youre FAIR ty