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    1. you better keep the same stats as tera wich i dont think will happen im dispointed
    2. wts xbow high stats full ranged max gems
    3. segu is already op lol watch some pvps of good segus learn to switch its easy on this class put more heal no need to buff ...class is op af
    4. happy to see something helpfull for the new players! GIVE THIS MAN A COOKIE !
    5. im a hunter sir others can relate too xD hahahah
    6. fock br !!!!!!! useless mode delete it pls
    7. AK PANTS +10 tera for sell offer below
    8. YES sir! I agree i can do tower run im fully geared with help of malakites (alot of them to survive the hp drain) and kiting i can do it it`s not imposible i also agree about the advantages and disadvantages in every class it how it should be maybe a tiny touch could help if we talk about party pve my class is not bad but needed for dps thanks for answer but sometimes when no dksq is up and no pvps are going on i feel like i can`t enjoy pve solo content as i come from half bagi and i used to love farming solo. Anyways i agree that if you guys buff some items it will result that the classes wic
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