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    1. In window mode full resolution fps is better but still not that good as the normal client edit: i just saw there is a new driver from 6 days ago im installing it to test it agin. Edit: fps is stable with the newest driver not dropping under 100 Edit: i still got teleportings while doing pvps not sure about the fps drops counter sometimes just stops at one number
    2. Yes in my case i never had issue with newest driver of nvidia im running version 461.40 EDIT: I forgot that i had to make the game work with my 1050 graphics instead of the internal graphics i will test again and see if i still have fps drops maybe that was the problem i will provide more information after testing it out.
    3. So far the visual things are posted by others i wanna say that i also expirience fps random drops from stable 100+ to 20 and lower im posting dxdiag ms is stable and good but fps dropping is happening in pvp i also was like blinking over the map few times . My windows defender is off and no antivirus on . Here is the file : DxDiag.txt
    4. good suggestion about dksq no idea if that is possible or not to implement, saddly some people add only their guild members others get kicked or not added. Deadlands is mainly for the dungeon there you can see on launcher the countdown . Solo- u can farm anything really i suggest you check the newbie guides they are outdated but the information there is still valuable up to the date.
    5. blah blah blah blah blah blah blah
    6. okay armlets are as it`s shown on the picture both the same - max gems.
    7. 4Shizzle


      the very first time i played dekaron was 14 years ago
    8. you better keep the same stats as tera wich i dont think will happen im dispointed
    9. wts xbow high stats full ranged max gems
    10. segu is already op lol watch some pvps of good segus learn to switch its easy on this class put more heal no need to buff ...class is op af
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