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    1. you must try to reach someone of MAD ingame, im not playing this server anymore or beeing leader in this ally tho. sorry
    2. Sorry guys for let you wait, i were a bit inactive on forum. ty for the requests, ill try to add you as soon as possible
    3. I'm mostly on forum checking if someone wrote, or you just can add me ingame or whisper. My IGN from both chars are : Decently / BeastlyWhip
    4. Hello Friendly Players, i'm Decently.. one of the Leaders of ~M.A.D~. i wish to add some New Players to our Alliance, since we are Growing and growing more and more.. we're an English Speaking Guild, trying to be as active as possible.. and showing the difference from other guilds to our Guild, since we saw already alot of inactive guilds, people join us. because we're doing something, we communicate to each other, and we help. we dont mind about Gear, we just want people to listen and learn. because we already did dungeons like Rudene even with Egutt People,
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