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    1. We've been grinding hard lately, from Lv 1 to 210 on fresh characters. Dont miss out on the fun, come join us
    2. Legion We have returned to conquer the server once again. Our prime days were back in 2018-2019, with 50 active members having a blast together. We owned the server in so many ways, whether it be farming, friendships or PKing. Unlike other guilds on this server *cough* WEKS *cough* TCF, we take care of our memebers. We dont steal them from other guilds. I'm a new player, is this a place for me? We have helped so many newcomers on their journey, whether it be by leveling or simply by answering questions. If you are looking for a place to learn,
    3. got perf alo and seg tera sets for sale
    4. Tera sets are 190 and are considered the 2nd best set ingame. Rondow sets are lv 200, best set in the game right now. Theres not much difference between tera and rondow, so focus on getting tera first, then start collecting rondow pieces one by one as you play the game over time. I would rather spend 100b dill on 4 perf tera sets over 1 rondow set..
    5. Haides


      ill buy ur belt, added disc
    6. Haides


      When it comes to PVP theres three things to take into consideration, defense, damage and timing. At the beginning of the fight you would buff up and use your defenses early while having damage increasing accessories, once your buffs wear off you would switch back to defensive accessories to tank more damage. Swapping accessories back and forth is key to winning fights, and is definitely something you should practise and master. What items to get and whatnot really depends on your economy, because items on this server are far from being cheap. Your first prior
    7. I have 195 +10 pistol with 4x 7% light gems and 3x vit lines, missing last line. PM me if ur interested
    8. do you still have VS items for sale? can u message me . thanks :)

      1. Haides


        Yes, still have 95% perf vs with fv 200 tb 

      2. francis02


        do you have pic i can check? if its okay hm is it in dills


    9. I have perf spear and guardarm with cursed and arch skin, offer?
    10. wym you looking for tera, it is tera. weapon and guardarm are 200
    11. I have 200 spear and guardarm, + FV gloves and perf v3s. Pm if interested
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