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  1. Oh no, we had members from all over the world. I mostly played with europeans doe, cause of the timedifference. We still have a discord, but its barely active.. Most of the people i used to play with found other games.. Been thinking about a comeback with a few others from the guild, but i dont think ~M.A.D~ will ever be what it used to be. Sad to say, but it is what it is
  2. I'm pretty sure Alex got banned a while back for attempting to sell his account, which obviously backfired.. Sadly, i'm barely playing this game anymore, and most of the guys in our alliance & guild have retired aswell. I wouldnt say its not worth checking out, theres alot of newcomers around. Find a few active recruits and its smooth sailing from there. I might consider playing more often if people decides to come back
  3. ~M.A.D~ has been re-united once again, and we are recruiting old and newcomers!
  4. Did you even read this post? im not home for a few days, so thats gotta wait
  5. No, im not trading. Dill only. and i already have 2 fv scythes, i dont need 3 7b, pm me when ur ingame.
  6. im barely on anymore, once a week or so. if ur interested in buying, pm me here on the forums and we can set it up.