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  2. wid0mz

    Window 10, Problem :(

    I've been using win10 for years, and have come upon a few errors like this myself.. Did you install the client corrently, and did it fully patch before starting the game? In most cases it should be fine. If you open the file location of rising, move over to the bin folder, at the very bottom there should be an .EXE file named zdkrc. If you cant find this file inside the bin-folder, check your recycling bin. If you for some reason cant find this file on your computer, use the repair option on the launcher. Let it patch up, and you should be fine after that. You need to disable windows defender, and allow the zdkrc.exe through your computers firewall. Otherwise the .exe will get flagged as a false positive for your antivirus, and gets deleted from your system. I recommend you disable windows defender everytime you reboot your computer, it will automatically turn itself on upon restart. Im assuming this is whats causing your issue. If this doesnt solve your problem, we can troubleshoot some more, cheers
  3. Crap gems meaning any gem with a percentage lower than 5%. You can use any gem to create sockets, each gem increases the chance of success. However, this isnt always an easy thing to do, even with max amout of gems. You can purchase Soul of Alchemist, which adds another 18% chance of success. I'm online now, i'll gladly show you how it all works
  4. wid0mz

    they should reward helpful and kind players

    I've helped a few random people for no reason, especially in egutt.. but i dont think people should be rewarded for it. If he/she decides to add you, you can return the favor one day and a great friendship comes out of it. Thats rewarding enough if you ask me😛
  5. wid0mz

    Level 88-92 Armor Set

    May i ask what the purpose of obtaning these sets are? For the looks?
  6. wid0mz


    Submit a support ticket, could've triggered a false positive? unless you actually used cheats
  7. Oh wew, looks like you covered everything I'll make sure to check some of these out!
  8. wid0mz

    Updated guide/compilation

    Check this out
  9. Going a bit offtopic there, but i agree with that. New and better written guides could/should be provided. Not only for every individual map, but also for things such as crafting, +1-+10, most efficient ways of doing this and that. Coming from an old player, i had never seen the new + system. got so confused at first, but figured it out eventually.. I would also like to see a more detailed guide including Dshop items such as %boosters etc. I would see this as a way to encourage people to farm their own sets, do their own crafting. Could go into much more detail about that, but for the sake of the topic.. giving us something else to do other than spamming tower and waiting for cherub teams. anyways You could check out every map, see what happens. Suggest you make a new topic about it, maybe it'll be taken seriously
  10. Rising being the most played dekaron server, you guys certainly did something right. No doubt about that And the fact that it isnt purely pay2win makes it somewhat worth playing aswell. I'll personally fund the project once it starts, better get to work
  11. I would disagree with that. What i enjoyed most, and what i remember the most about classic A3 is the leveling experience, how you made your way from Loa Castle to Denebe, over to Norak Cave to Parca etc.. Yes it took a long time to level back then, but the exploration of maps, the new encounters of mobs and the process of gearing up actually meant something back then. I used to love putting sockets into my weapons, the glow it made and the feeling it gave. Getting new skills, and actually learning how to play and to be good at the class you were playing. Let's not forget Deadfront. I really miss those lv 30 runs, and i would like to experience that again if i could. There are so many good things about classic Dekaron, and theres a reason why im still playing this game after all those years. I started back when 2Moons was a thing, and those are the memories i remember the most. I would much rather play that again then this a18-19 bs.
  12. A3.. i miss the old days in Loa Castle 😕 #A3orRiot
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