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  1. Ohhh man, i was really2 want to say thank you so much now i made it I tried to reinstall, and use cmd comand to turn off DEP system on my PC and i was trying to patching up for manually. and its work Thank you for help me so much guys (^_^)
  2. i'm still working on it, but its still got same result. what should i do? please i really2 need help btw i just realize, i think that patch are not updated 19.23 to 19.24. its just jump up on 19.25 when im click on repair. Should i reinstall it again?
  3. Hello, i wanted to ask any people using window 10 64 bit, and got same problem? i do try to format, and reset all the thing on my pc, but this game are not working well for me. (i cant even open it) anyone here are using window 10? and what i should do to play back again
  4. okay. i DM you already.
  5. Im not sure, but i got 1 account got banned before maybe cuz i was afk on dungeon. But what happend if im using hack and got banned? its also effect the game..anyway what should i do to fix it? I do download the other Dekaron but i just feel crap. its not same like Rising at all. And honestly before i do test the cheat engine before, but its doesnt work at all, anyway its nothing happend there
  6. I already close and turn off DEP exception and boot policy on my Pc. i already remove the protection. but the same problem still happend. its only happend on Window 10 user? i really2 want to play do something please i hope, i can play like before Rising Forever
  7. its just said "This program must run with Data Execution Prodection (DEP) enabled. your cannot turn off DEP for this program". i also have been trying to turn off on CMD, but its getting error
  8. I made some video for you to explain it, i hope u got a time to watch it i really2 need help, thnk you for your kindness Here youtube link : https://youtu.be/0kk6ll0u8xU i already try to reinstall it but still got same problem
  9. Yeah, i got like crash on loading screen. what i can do to fix it? Thnk You for respond
  10. Hi, today i would like to share about my problem. im a using Window 10, and after im updating the New Patch, i cant even open it, its was like automatic close. There i've read some guide and tips on forums already about turn off Window Defender and some AntiVirus. but i still got same result Anyone can give some suggestion what should i do to play like normally?