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  1. Although I do think transparency is imperative and a cornerstone to running and maintaining a successful server, I also do believe too much transparency in the wrong areas can take away that sense of privacy and even that sense of pride some of these players may take in having the items and weapons they worked so hard to attain. It takes away that edge one player may feel like he/she has over the other. I do not believe such a big change to the foundation of this game such as this is necessary to neutralize the problem with GM's being accused of using illicit items. All the accusations and rumors being spread can be frustrating to all staff alike, but all of that comes with the territory - which is why I think there should be a very clear disconnect between being on as a Staff member and being on as a casual player. I truly believe a huge reason why Staff members are Staff members in the first place is because they have a love and a passion for Dekaron as a game itself. And for that reason I do think they should without a doubt, be allowed to play the game as a casual player. However - from my previous experiences at other servers, yes Staff members were allowed to play on personal characters but were not allowed to reveal that they were in fact a part of Staff - - this is not something I've seen on this server and I believe this is part of where the problem lies. I vote No.
  2. As title says Fire % Armlets also available. Offer in dils only
  3. MediQue

    Voudou`s List

    Have +10 200 Perf Velikas Whip for sale PM in game: Budda
  4. As title says... 4x Increased magic damage 3x 7% curse gem w/ Velikas Skin PM me on here as my game is currently not working
  5. When exactly will you be back online and in game?
  6. I'd like to buy the armlets. I'm in game right now. IGN: MediQue
  7. PM me in game - MediQue