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  1. 10% Curse armlet max gem 115b.
  2. Post your offer down. Done: 6k Dream powder= 500m each 1k Moonstone x2 =3b DK Teragrace random parts +10 I need {A}{P}{G}=Post your price DK MC2= 25B Seal UP Lach= 18b Armlet 3% Poison 2 % damamge or 2 poison % and 3% damamge Selling DK SBV3+10 Random= pm me
  3. OneWish


    Hey Silvana, what your offer on a legend special dragon halloween pet? And also i wanna ask how much is X3 HP gems ? Pm me in game my ign is Valet
  4. Not because the team didnt want to. However, if you look at the technical side of it you would understand(they gonna need a massive database system in order to do so) plus if their database got messed up more problem gonna be arise( coding is the vital thing about this thing) FYI- am not a part of the dkr faculty team am just giving a reason why they wont introduce it. " Play a game doesnt mean you can make a game" reality is tough