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    1. someone delete/clean the comments ty!
    2. you think ill get more fish while fishing underwater than fishing above the water?
    3. who cares about flood when we can breathe underwater XD
    4. was hoping for this new UI but the new UI update still looks sexi
    5. can be easily moded but as i said, w.e no hate just love and just sayin'
    6. I've seen that UI in other pservers already but w.e no hate just implement asap
    7. Look here Staff Team, im not just trying to boost DK but im trying to nerf the buffs by putting Interval from Buff CD and Duration. One of the reason why DK is tanky is because of her UNLIMITED Defeat Reject buff. Putting Interval from Buff CD and Duration like how AK Insensibility Buff works will be nice. Obortan 2, Tunreis 2, Preventer and other DEF/ATK buffs can stay as it is. How about you learn on how to put chaks and Pet away from your character first? IDK if you know this but you can still get the buffs from chaks if your pet is near to it even if your character
    8. So i tried to play DK and its really good but the buffs duration sucks.... why? because you need to buffs like every minute. Can't you guys make it like the other class buffs? increasing the buff duration and increasing the CD time so you wont be buffing every now and then since its unli. ex: Defeat Reject (Applies defeat rate buffs to self), you can make it to have 5mins duration and change the CD time to 6-7mins for interval. Why im suggesting this? Because it takes like a minute to buff all the buffs before you can attack. For example, in DKSQ, your buffing while your team
    9. We just need something different from 151 texture. So maybe re-color it? So we can differentiate 151 wings from the upgraded one (YS Wings)
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