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  1. cant view frost skins? i beat it would be like mael.
  2. OK, this is Siege 2 of my previous post - i created this for me to prevent necro posting. Suggestions; Set 2 locations of Castles to be Sieged 1. Ardeca (Main Castle) 2. Parca (Secondary Castle) For example siege happen every saturday - Ardeca and Parca should have the same schedule. Why? 1. To prevent guild members of winning team of Ardeca to join again the siege in Parca. a. Usually happens when a guild try to own 2 castles. Positive effects: For example Asylum guild, for instance is the castle holder of Ardeca (main castle) , this giv
  3. it is not hating gms. i did not talk about gms alone i also talk gms frnds who are so hype that when we ask for a pt pvp they then said with bet? lol we are not rich players we farmed for 8months to get for max gears. and who wouldnt lose to pks when asylum using the most op class hb and alo , and we use weak class coz basically we dont know which class best for pks. at least we tried. on siege if there may be: to tell u , we lose to guild like them because of gears gap thats all. were old enough to use 50% of our brains.. were not kids playing ml or coc. yea but u soon to b
  4. Needless to say, Im here to apologize about what i said to the castle holder. sorry for being rude. but i mean it 50%. Reasons why no guild joining Siege: 1. Current guild has not much active geared max lvl people 2. Hard to organize another guild - or the union of all other guild. (Some are max but they are just scattered everywhere) (there is no living hero in game who can organize another guild to versus against castle holder, unless he is a GM) 3. Frauds guild: Epic Fail or Just rumor (Few of them are from soft, but still news they was going against for s
  5. @Eccle as ive said my point is, why dont ivalice/asylum just stop going siege once and for all and let the the other guilds handle the rest. i maybe QQing but am not the only one. its not to much to ask. (during siege no enemy even dare to come)???? and another siege coming still the same happens. it like a dead event/content of the game. ivalice/asylum is like a collection of all the games dungeon bosses - hit hard, hard to kill.. i guess that is the sever is trying to do. i live up to that. there are alot of negative feedbacks toward these guilds in different aspect. people are then for
  6. @Jak yes perhaps thats what i meant to say. 1. i dont really like how siege works. and i ma not jealous im not in asylum , or my guild cannot beat castle defender. and yes thats what i meant, right before the siege everyone is joining the defending guild. fool afraid to lose? wanna be the champion guild of siege forever? and when we tried to recruit remaining players to fight with us, they say, no we cant take a stand agaisnt them. because its like 60% of the geared active players are gathered already in the castle defender. 2. pk; RealNoob been to few fights with the
  7. Ok. Butt i never regret writing this post. I maybe be 99% wrong but, i keep on saying this if ydm, there are quite a few active guilds rn. Storm, Light, Brotherhood, Tw, Battlecry, Legion. My points is, why dont leave the fight in siege to these guilds and let them handle the game on their way. Random siege castle holder will then emerge. That would make those people a little bit more active because of siege. Not with this kind of idea now. I dont know when siege happen, said something wrong with timer, siege is postponed etc. And this is the Monopoly am talking
  8. Idk.. nothing.. its just that there is siege.. @Raph When allura guild is still alive (3rd quarter this yr), right before siege op geared people from different guilds joined allura for the siege.. so other guilds are left with few max people who dont have better pvp mass pk skills.. i mean, what the - , is that siege really is? Can there really be no equal distributio of populatiob between guilds so that it must be fair fight? (take for example dksq, it is a fair raid vs raid team fight) after allura soft came.. same shts happen.. all OPs gather in 1 guild soft. what are u trying
  9. Welcome to Rising OP one. Hope you get to 210 soon. Viel Gluck!
  10. Hello.. It's me again. I just would like to tell you something about some errors in Guild Window and i really like to know if it is easy for you to repair them. First: Class Description is missing, even though the user is online. Second: The descriptions of Class, Title, and Level are not showing up on offline users. It must show so that when I a member try to query the Character info, he will know thru it. Third: The horizontal space of Rank description is s
  11. Been playing for quite long time and i dont understand what is going about siege. Tbh it aint good content at all. There is also a private server called silkroad online. And siege there is called Fortess War. It happens every week. And it means any random guild has a 60% chance of taking the fortress. I played from there and we won fortress like few times. Even in global we won. In there it is so well balanced that the game map has 3 Fortresses, meaning there will be 3 guilds to be the Fortress owner for 1 week, with the reward of exclusive boss hunt and drops. Literally even if we dont use di
  12. alexto

    I quit

    LoL ehh.. seems that u letting me go , and u seem to be left alone, hope u can do what i meant to be.. eh
  13. alexto

    I quit

    Sorry to say that i quit - helping those newbie to lvl up to 190 by forming guilds or inviting random at tower I have lots of experience where in my 1 guild there are over 180 people comprising of 40+. Idk who they are but only alts or new comer who just stopped playing. Goodbye with that dream. Goodbye weaker ones. But, could there be a future ways be implemented like contents for newbie in the game. Like these 190 people have their own world that they can celebrate they way max gears do. Idk for now what are those so am gonna be