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  1. Hello, I would like to clarify some things. You can be competitive without having perfect items. Also, the prices that you mentioned, I don't know where did you get that but I'm also an active player of the server, the items now aren't priced like that. In this part, here are the prices that are roaming around the market nowadays MC2 +10 - 15-22b Weapons - 20-25b Each V3 Boots - 30b (idk where did you get that 50b, maybe some people are overpricing but it's not 50b) Tera PERFECT Belt - 30b (I just bought one at this price) Tera Armlets 2x - 3-5b Each (If random) 180 Plume
  2. Warriors! I am here to announce the winners of the Yearly PvP Tournament. Champion: AmberCool (DK) - 100,000 Dshop Coins + 1x +10 Champion Weapon + Your character name in the Hall of Fame at the center of the Colosseum Lobby First Runner-Up: Kaerran (HB) - 60,000 Dshop Coins Second Runner-Up: IiIZhiRenTwIiI (ALO) - 40,000 Dshop Coins Thank you for all the participants and for those who watched the whole event from the beginning. Long live Rising! Bracket: WINNERS: AmberCool (DK) [Champion]
  3. Hello, I was the one who hosted that DKSQ Event. That "GP Chests" thing shouldn't have happened, it's all because of me, being careless and not checking the index twice before spawning it. It should've been dil chests, some of the players may remember that I do dil chests in some of my DKSQ Events too, and it's been awhile since I did one and I thought I put the correct index when I spawned it, but I didn't. It was an accident on my part, and some people may not believe that it's the case, but it was. Like what you've said, the damage has been done. You don't have any idea how depressed I
  4. Thank you for all the hardworks and countless efforts for making this huge update. Rising #1!
  5. Why would an outnumbered, outgeared, and outskilled guild will join Siege? I don't get your point, the examples you are always making doesn't make any sense. Also, it's not Asylum's fault that THOSE PEOPLE are outnumbered, ungeared, and outskilled. Do you ever re-read the statements that you are about to post? For real, I don't hate you. We even did pvps ingame, went to DF, pk'ed with each other, I'm giving a good feedback on your other suggestions and overall, I know you're a good guy, but now I confirmed that 90% of the reason why you made this post is because you just hate the peopl
  6. Hi, is ya boi Ecclooo and I'll share my thoughts about what you said. No matter how many times I re-read this, all I know that this is a hate post about the current castle-holder and those people who are "afking at wmb" just like what you've said. Please, Dyroth, I don't know what to say anymore to you. I know you get a lot of hates from people and I really feel bad about you, you know that. But based on what you said, and the words that you used, I think that some of them has their own reason to hate on you. Okay so, 1. I've searched about Silkroad online just for the