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  1. Im accepting offers to sell... Or i can trade for AK set if worth the price. Send me a private message, i will answer you when i see, good bless.
  2. I would like to know what the chance would be, of implementing a system to transform 50 gems into a bag, as in the photo, considering that it is possible to transform 1b into 1 bulion, would help alot in trades (would help with transitions, not to click 50 times (if there is any other way, I don’t know)). You could deliver random gems (as shown in the photos), transform it into a bag, the player who will buy it could go to an NPC and exchange the bag for random gems (if possible, in programming I don't know if it would be viable) or just 1 specific gem, considering that each gem provide
  3. Olá, tambem estou na busca, quem sabe podemos tomar a iniciativa e formarmos uma ?