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    1. Wts pref fire staff 195 +10 317v Price 18b or offer Ingame name Erased.
    2. Dear Nitex, Much appreciation for the hard work done by you and your team. I understand that many old players would be upset regarding the new set since they spent a lot of effort and donation in getting it. But making the Rondow set similar as Tera set in stats will also upset some players and will make farming and upgrading the new set less entertainment. I recommend to make the tera set superior in PVE and the Rondow set superior in PVP. This will make players satisfied in having both sets since they are both needed in-game. thanks.
    3. I smell male hunter. cant wait for it.
    4. WTT Tera arms +10% lightning to Tera poison arms or Tera 4% magic arms with fire or lighting 3%. WTT CS osm set with wep for mage osm set without wep.
    5. WTS Pref OP fire tera HB set with 2xwep for 200$ donation. Armor gem is 115 AR now In game name: Rateel. discord: TheEraser#0602.
    6. Kndeel


      want hb for mage
    7. Dear, Can you provide us with a hint. Is it a new class, map or maybe both?
    8. WTT Tera +10% light & +10% fire for Crystal +10 curse ign: Rateel
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