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    1. KolaNutOwO


      B> 4% PK PVP GEMS=10B T> 100% perf 200 belt x2 4% crit add 20B=same x2 4% pk /pvp T>200+10 velikas TB 322vit x3 8% poison and velikas staff 324vit x4 8% poison =tech TB and tech staff Discord : ARen#8487
    2. KolaNutOwO

      T> Armlet

      or 55B (buy any x1 only =30Bea) discord ARenTw#8487
    3. s >perf max vs /ak tera set =45b or 130$(Buy 2 sets together =80b or 250$) discord ARenTw#8487
    4. can i use perf 200+10 hammer 8% and perf x2 200+10 1h axe 8% = u alo MC2 and V3 and Guardarm ? i discord ZhiRen#8487
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