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    1. To the balance team: Give some love to segu please, consider to boost tizen storm by decreasing its cooldown from 24 seconds to 14 to 16 seconds for a skill effect of 8 seconds. This will greatly improve performance on mass pvp/pk while still not being OP. I understand segu's weakness is on group fights, but you can at least make it decent on groups, not squishy on group fights.
    2. Would like to ask is it possible to add + shield value also on tera pieces and osm pieces to make it uniform all across armor sets? Like osm can have +200 shield on each piece, tera can have +400 shield on each piece, while rondow at +1000 shield per piece. This is a new stat addition (+ max shield) and I think +5k shield total for a full rondow set is a big difference as you'll get more than 5k shield overall (due to shield multiplier from tears). That's just my take on this when I first saw the changes relative to tera. Other than that, its a great job overall, I appreciate the new conte
    3. Piety

      Performance Issues & Rondow

      I believe Rondow should only be slightly stronger than tera gear, just like how tera is with osmium. Rising has always followed low gear gap between sets, so suddenly making Rondow stronger than tera by a significant margin goes against this principle and will greatly upset balance. Even if tera was only slightly stronger than osmium, this didn't stop people from farming in order to buy tera set, so the same motivation should be applied on people farming for rondow
    4. Can't wait for the new class, but take your time @Nitex. We would want all things ironed out before go live. Cheers
    5. Hello staff, Please significantly increase the drop rate of illusion fragments on land of illusion, current drop rate is too low to allow for experimentation with different stat builds. Although, stat regenerator is a d-shop item, I don't think it would have an negative effect on the game's economy to make these items drop easily. This can help people try various builds without being limited by the time it takes to farm 50 fragments (which takes more than hour) nor to look for people with coins just to buy them from. Another solution is to include stat regenerators on dream powder exch
    6. Tbh, I would target hunter or wizard more than segu as those classes are more of a threat than squishy segu. Reason why it gets focused on is because segu lacks any effective mobility/escape skills (this is tizen storm supposed to be until it was massively nerfed), so being a class without abn resist as well, you'll get killed rather easily when tag teamed. One can argue that healing moss/shield recover makes up for it, but those skills are easily interruptible and not as potent as it was before being nerfed, so yeah segu is a sitting duck on group fights.
    7. Class is squishy af and not op af. Sure, its kinda decent on 1v1, but what I'm pushing for is to give segus a tad bit more survivability in group fights instead of getting obliterated easily even while full geared and on full buffs, that is all. No need to make it pre-nerf segu. Furthermore, no amount switching/skill with the class will save you from being a class that's terrible in groups. You call a class where all of its core skills (healing, debuffs, tizen) nerfed op? Why are players then who have been mainly segu complaining over the years since its big nerf on 2017 if it was op af?
    8. SUGGESTED CHANGES ON SEGURIPER 1. Sleep - despite being 70% in description (same as original), the trigger of this skill doesn't feel like 70% at all since it often misses (even against mobs). Consider increasing it. 2. Tizen storm - was nerfed since 2017 from the original 8 seconds cd to a whooping 24 seconds cd. While I understand the need to balance this skill, making it 24 seconds seem too much. I suggest to reduce the cd to 14 seconds (from 24 seconds) OR increase skill effect to 14 seconds (from 8 seconds currently) while retaining the current cd of 24 seconds. This is th
    9. I will bro. Just kinda disappointed of the fact the segu was being undervalued as a class. Its decent on 1v1, great at farming, and flops at mass pvp/pk. I have asked several people in game regarding segu and I can say only 1 of those people claimed that segu is decent, there must be something lacking on its class balance then. Btw, I'm not saying that the balance team should boost to segu to godly levels, just that make it so that the class can survive on mass pk/pvp better and not get obliterated in the blink of an eye. Note that: 1. Segu lacks any speed boost (tizen storm is
    10. Its a good thing that segu got a much needed boost on the last balance patch (increased pillages' duration), but at this point, the class is still seen in a bad light and some even claim its just a farming class. For specifics of my suggestions, please refer to most recent post.
    11. The last post about class rankings I've seen was from 2017, kinda hoping this thread will update with the latest of how the community thinks the classes are ranked to date, that is in terms of mass pvp and 1-on-1. Moving forward, I think this will help newbies (including myself) to pick a suitable class. Thanks!
    12. Question already answered on discord. Cheers!
    13. Well, link is a pretty good ring at least before I go for squama/lach (still too weak to farm pp on dksq), pretty good for both pvp and pve. Signet is good as well but its mainly a pvp ring. Furthermore, got a bit confused 'coz I still see pledge of disillusion on rest of admirers exchange npc, so I thought maybe the base ring still drops somewhere
    14. Thanks for the info, Danny. Can't see the boss though even on that small island and I've come back 4 times all throughout the day, so probably Qilue boss was already removed, thing is I can't seem to find that such a change was made on past patch notes.
    15. Hi, I was wondering if Qilue Rihanna still spawns on space of pilgrimage? Can't seem to find this boss anywhere on the map. Or is there any other way to get this ring without having to kill the boss? Thanks!
    16. Great guide, thank you. Just one thing though, for the losing team/s on DF, do they get some gp chest as well or only the winning team does?
    17. Thanks for the welcome, Dev-Fayth. I'll be sure to check out discord in a while
    18. Cool, thanks for confirming, GM. While we're at it, I'd also like to ask do we get some coins from voting? Sorry I had to post it here coz I don't want to flood sections with new topic with every single question I have if I can help it
    19. Thanks Dannyboi and Shrimp for your inputs as well
    20. I appreciate the reply, GM Adori. Thanks for the detailed info :) Correct me if I'm wrong, so basically the game changer stats here would be pk/pvp resist and crit resist? Is there a cap on these 2 stats?
    21. Hi everyone, I just recently joined the server and I'm kind off wondering what end-game/competitive stats look like. I'd like to have some sort of baseline/basis I can refer to in improving my character, that will let me know I'm heading in the right direction on building my toon. To be more specific I'd like to ask the following: 1. What's an end-game defense value (with top gears) look like? I have 23k now as a seg with buff on obtund+9 gear only, I was thinking maybe in the 70k unbuffed or more for competitiveness? 2. How about for damage, what range do I need to be in t
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