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      Piety reacted to Nitex for a article, Performance Issues & Rondow   
      The update has been a success and we are extremely happy to see everyone enjoying all of the new content. Our 4 months of hard work has finally paid off.
      I just wanted to update you guys on two things that I thought were important.
      We have confirmed and found the cause of the FPS issue related to Shooters that began with previous updates. Will be fixed with next update (probably later this week). Rondow sets are meant as an achievement, not as a set that provides a PvP/PK advantage. We are considering making their stats the same as Teragrace on Lurile. On Ark there will be a minor difference (very small).  
      Game Performance Issue after Shooter
      We've identified an issue with the new graphics engine that is causing the game to perform significantly worse than it did before in certain scenarios. This is weird because after we tested the new engine, it actually performed better.
      However, we tested the new engine performance before we added Shooter. And because of this, we did not notice that the new graphics engine performed worse with newer models but better with older ones.
      We will release an update very soon that will fix this. Please be p
      Rondow Sets
      It's been 6 years since a new set was released. Rondow, although new, and although technically the "last" set, won't provide a competitive advantage against Teragrace. We aim to have the stats higher, but not by much. Certainly by less than would make a difference in PvP/PK. We want this set to be more of an achievement rather than something you have to farm in order to be competitive.
      Furthermore, we're even considering making the Rondow set have the same stats as Teragrace on the Lurile chard.

      Bugs with the new class (weapon drops, options, etc) along with some other fixes will be released soon. Siege Revamp with 3 Siege maps also planned.  

      As always, thank you for your feedback and continued support.
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      Piety reacted to Nitex for a article, [Teaser] Segita Shooter Preview   
      The wait is almost over. Once thought of as extinct, the legendary Segita Shooter has reappeared to join The Rising.
      This is a small preview. More to come.
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