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  1. Since the previous patch came out, siege bug has been solved, but i still see a lot of players who don't know what siege is good for - so i decided to write a post about Ellonom event (aka siege event) in which i will explain how to get there and what you can get from here. It happens once 4h (usually, but there are times when it doesn't happen). In my time zone (gmt +3) i get to do it at 6pm, 10pm and 2am (rarely but still :)) ) . Note: at 2pm (for me) the event doesn't start. To participate in this event, first of all, u have to own the Zenoa Castle for which you have to fight an
  2. I can pay with dshop items Pm ign EasyPeasy or Peasy @disc: @EasyPeasy #8885
  3. Sure it is op... and sure 90% of the stuns hit... The class has dmg when/IF stuns hit because it's a burst dmg class. However, other skills have some dmg, but clearly not enough for anything (otherwise u'd obviously see other finisher skills obviously). Btw, since you brought it up, dino made a cs (and he is good) and i asked him to join with cs in the overall tourney in which cs should shine, in your perspective. He said "it's not good for that"... i guess cs is good for 1v1 only, not for pvp events... right...? Am i missing something??? All in all, i agree with you in a sense
  4. I`m not saying i pvp only bad ppl lol. Some of them are or don't know how to pvp against cs. Vs shrimp it was always a gamble (hit stun twice i win if not dead), but in the meantime he figured out how cs should be approached and now there is no chance against him (fyi you'd just missed him y-day) . Not sure why u think that cs should have 0 chance against hb and bagi tho... they should have some chances - and against dino's hb, the only reason i can stay alive more is because of his build. And yes, considering how busted bagi is in pvp (even you said that), whenever i win against them is becau
  5. I say about cs when ppl talk about it because i believe i know a thing or two about it. The reason i have so many points on heal is because of the way cs is able to "tank" and escape dmg/combos (which is almost equal to 0). I cant control what and when you are watching. If you would ever do any pvps in c2 i would have way more arguments to bring u as of why bagis and hbs are op in pvps, but sadly you don't want to give reasons for nerfs of the classes you like. I don't avoid that thing as you do because i enjoy pvping (kinda the reason i chose a pvp class).
  6. CS right now manages to deal 10-12k crits on lach, necks and maso which might seem a lot. For that to happen, a stun which barely lands has to hit and luntar has to be used. I agree that Luntar debuff is a bit op because that skill triggers the chain of high crits. Without luntar those 10-12k crits are around 7-9k which imo is not that much considering that only the 201 skill can do that, other hitting max 5-6k, which don't land all hits unless someone actually stays in those skills. CS cannot tank at all. A good vs who uses shadow revenge often (as intended) and places chakras well takes max
  7. EasyPeasy

    CS Balance

    Those 2 chars are on the dk square side of the game since every other class buff they get is huge, while they not really giving any other buffs to others. I don't really want to have the ability to beat everyone in pvp easy, I just want to have a fair enough match up against hb, bagi, hunters, mages and segs because if played correctly, cs doesn't really stand a chance. And i get that hb and bagis should be hard match up for cs because of the abnormal res, but not impossible; and how about mages, hunters and segs? those should be impossible/close to impossible match ups too?
  8. EasyPeasy

    CS Balance

    Niss, cs is not favored to win against mages and hunters... (ask zhiren and blackroses) and against segus, u, for example, after all our pvps it's like 30-70 considering i have the set i have now. "If every stun worked"... well that doesn't happen often (almost at all)... at times you know that I don't hit any stuns (not even so called 100%s). And if u talk about seconds lost because of stun, u can include there your pillages + sleep (every pillage can be a shield up and every sleep can be shield + combo). CS stuns are no different from segu skill stoppers since they are slow - cs cant attack
  9. @2g00d4u If you cant debuff alo/bagis that's on you really. You need to learn how to go around the aqua as well as the bubble. But ye, in dk square segs mostly heal and if needed sleep. That is what you signed up for. Also wtf are u talking about segs using remove for ur debuffs as seg??? They cant remove them - only cs/vs can remove certain seg/segu debuffs.
  10. Hi Considering my experience with DK up until now, i feel like it depends on player. There are players that are very good with 123 (conbo and run) and players that actually play normally. The 123 players said that it is not much of a difference (and i observed that in my pvps) while the others did agree that is a significant one. Some DKs don't like the rework at all due to a change in the buffing pattern being change and them not being able to adapt. As far as DK Square is concerned and from my experience in there, dk seems pretty solid. A bit less than before, but definitely a good
  11. EasyPeasy

    CS Balance

    bruh... it is 12% already xD
  12. EasyPeasy

    CS Balance

    Yea, i like that share; i was aiming for something like that.... invisi would do anything cus for pvp it's unplayable... I think that for cs gaining a sacri (or something like this) might be too good... simply buffing over time tankiness might be alright because that buff would come with some hardships during the pvps due to the positioning (if pet would get nerfed as earlier suggested).
  13. EasyPeasy

    CS Balance

    Yes, but the rng for cs is very low compared to other classes that kind of depend on that, those other classes having various ways of defending themselves if rng isn't in their favour, while cs has nothing except poor resistance to any kind of damage (magical or physical), even with that pet and chakras full defensive mode up. That's why i suggested this kind of buff as far as cs is concerned.