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  1. yea the map where u was able to farm pp was good idea saddly got removed maybe revive crevice dungeon with higher monsters and reward to be argates or mavrics and x ammount of pp would be great ! ps. can`t wait to see new solo dungeon
  2. if tera access go for higher level it will be ballanced and osmium armlets and belts will be used with osmium sets this will ballance if someone is using tera access and plumes but thats will be alot of work to do for the admins maybe ... Still i think its nice idea to make use more of those sets and access just an idea thanks all for the feedback
  3. Hello guys !!! I got a suggestion if its possible to make one dk square for lower levels since osmium sets are kinda not so used for for pvp it will be nice that poor people enjoy dksq too i know its an end game thing but think about it people who u all call noobs and go lvl eggut will not be in your dksq team u wont have to relog and lower players will be able to farm their suqama with same geared people and it will be fun for them this will bring to the server less toxicity more friendly people and i think it will help for the population to grow because right now the gap between tera and osmium is too big and a lot of newbies just quit once they realize that i`m not trying to say that GM^s don`t do a great job already but think about that this way people will be encouraged to move to next level from osmium to tera not the opposite even it will bring new blood to the server some people are more casual players which is not what dekaron is it`s hardcore pvp pve game but anyways it will make the experience of newbies better In my opinion new players are very important to have one big and friendly dekaron community , give you`r opinions if u like the idea and if not explain why how do u think this change can affect the game . Thank you !
  4. haha no i enjoy my class i know its good at one thing bad at other like good for farm bad for pvp good for dksq bad for colo
  5. okay @Dannyboi thanks for the opinion ! i like to se the opinions of people what i dont understand is why so much hate maybe you guys should gear up one hb and try it again and then give opinions also i would like to see that too ! ^^
  6. i knew it haters gonna hate yea nerf it more to the ground pls
  7. im afraid im not and u sir u are the example of dekaron community saddly
  8. char is not op but weak im not trying to say that hb must be op ... what about comparation to other classes ?? i dont see u playing and hb is not played anymore at high lvl aloken is way better than hb maybe i should go for segnale and screw pvp and br and all all i see is wizards and hunters the meta is not good my personal opinion
  9. it means i should sell set and go to pew pew char ^^
  10. Hello all ... With risk to be hated but i find that half bagi is not where it was before maybe all the people say its OP and QQ about how op it is aand thats why its nerfed so badly ... Its sad to see such a good character so nerfed honestly on 1v1 hb sucks the only defence ability`s got nerfed blood defence .. useless vampire dance now is almost worthless to use its like impoved malakite ... The only good defensive ability hb have is fury shield pls dont nerf it next patch cuz i willl sell gears to the npc Give some love to hb users please dammage is not so high to nerf the defence abilities ... I wont start to QQ about how op are other classes its not the point of the threat i wanna to be as effective as i was with hb but u can`t compete with dw hunter mage all the pew pew classes with melee class like hb even segu was bad at pvp now is OP pls give some love to hb with all my respect Thank you