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  1. Cheap stuffs. Still looking for VS or CS with 2x weap for my HB
  2. WTS FV Staff Lv200 (322 Vit) (8% poison) = 55b/Offer 3x180 +10 AK Weapon (2x180 Axe, 1x2H Axe) = 2b RUSH DK Osmium +10 Boots and Pants = 1.5b or 2.5b Both Tera Concerra Helmet and Gloves +10 = 6b Each or 10b Both Osmium Wizard Set/Weap +10 = 5b RUSH WTT Perfect Half Bagi Set/2x Weap Max Gemed (6xHP, 8x8%) = 250b/CS with 2x Weapon/VS with 2x Weapon
  3. BUMP, looking for AK set/parts
  4. Sold Alo set, post updated