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    1. WTS 195+10 BAGI WEAPON PM ME!!!! by: Tendency
    2. WTS SEGU V2+10 PM ME!!!!!! By: Blueys
    3. WTS/T 195+10 SEGU WEAPON trade BAGI 195+10 PM ME!!!! by: Blueys
    4. WTB BAGI V2+10 trade to Segu V2+10 PM ME!!!!! By: Blueys
    5. WTB OS SEGU G/P/A PM ME!!!! by: klue
    6. WTS 180+10 2h AXE / 2x1h AXE/ SHIELD ALL 1,5B PM ME!!!! By: klue
    7. WTB SEGU OS SET PM ME!!! by: Sickra
    8. WTB HB MC1+9 / HB V2+10 PM ME!!! by: Sickra
    9. WTB 180+10 HB KATAR!!!
    10. WTB 180+10 AK SHIELD!
    11. WTB 180+10 AK SHIELD /AK Osmium GLOVE +10 PM ME!!!
    12. WTB 180+10 AK SHIELD!!!
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