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    1. I am still surprised about this. I want to thank all for giving me an opportunity to serve Dekaron Rising and for believing in me and to my capabilities. I am happy and excited to work with all of you. This will be a great experience and a great place to learn. ~Kitty
    2. CutieKitty


      SELLING +10 200 FV LIGHT STAFF (325 VIT) = Dils / Donation +10 200 FV FIRE STAFF (323 VIT) = Dils / Donation +10 200 FV SUN SKIN SCYTHE (320 VIT) = Dils / Donation PM Me Ingame: Sawthora Discord: LadyRish#2048
    3. Buying 10% Curse Tera Armlets = dils PM Me in my Discord: LadyRish#2048
    4. I have offer pm me in discord LadyRish#2048
    5. Resetting either 1 month or full restart will be the lamest thing if it will be pushed through. Even if the dcoins will be resent back. It doesn't guarantee you that you will get the geared you made before since making items is by chances. Maybe last month you got lucky and the dshop u donated were enough to create your set. But what if this time the dcoins resent to you didn't made it at all like you've been unlucky in fortification. You will literally need to redo the fortifying items, options. All the efforts you've done will come to wasted, most especially the time.
    6. Happy Birthday DEV Zennou ~LadyDoom
    7. So basically, the new set its hard to get lol. High Chance only on bosses. Low Chance on normal monsters. I think it is still better to stick with Tera
    8. CutieKitty


      BUYING +10 200 STAFF FV 320+ LIGHT GEM = DILS
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