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    1. Nope sold them to some random person long ago. He thought he could profit. He spend forever and sold them for less ha
    2. LifeForce


      WTS +10 Perf ID 1h 200 Axe fs 8% = 15B +10 Clean Rondow HB Armor = 12B +10 Clean HB Rondow Gloves = 12B +10 Clean Mage Rondow Boots = 12B Sealed Up Squam or Lach = 15B +9 Gold Solon = 8B +10 Clean Bagi rondow chest= 12B WTB Max HP Gems =2.5B ea Legend Cat Pet = 12B PM Mcole Discord
    3. Bump looking for Seg and Armlets/ 230B for set and weps or 350$ donation
    4. +10 Perfect set and weps max gems 185 vit gloves both weapons are 328 vit fs 8% also have 333 vit 195 cannon +10 and FV 195 +10 pistols make your offers. also have 2x armlets crystal 4% light 4% magic dmg
    5. WTS +10 Rondow CS Pants No Slot 146 AR = 20B +10 Bagi Rondow Pants No Slot Perf 149 AR = 20B +10 DW Rondow Pants No Slot Perf 153 AR = 20B Also accepting donations!
    6. Nice work ser nitex! Eagerly awaiting shooter weapons!
    7. I don’t think anyone was aware of it. Most of us were guessing new something. No one knew for sure if it was true or if it was weapon accessories or armor. Anyone who has played this game for a few years since before Tera or 200 weps etc was playing the guessing game on this one. Majority of old players opted to sell their sets long ago. Anyone with common sense and that follows the progress of global can surmise that something was coming just not what. It makes me sad that this community can’t even let an update go 24 hours before bitching. These people put in months of work only to be met by
    8. Hunter set with 2X weps MC2 fs 4x Hp Armor FS 4x AR 115 156 AR Pants FS 4x HP 146 AR Gloves 170 vit V3 184 AR Xbow full crit fs 8% rainbow skin Bow fs 8% 327 vit
    9. LifeForce

      WTS AK Gears

      ALL weps are 20B ea / armors are 15B ea PM Life in game
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