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    1. Lf Legendary Pet
    2. I shit I forgot about charge backs... never had to submit one. But that's on the back burner ty.
    3. Yep I've put $200, was ready to do another $50 before crash yesterday. Friend donated $50 but a BUNCH more time than me. We're both really bummed out and will be quitting if we have to restart... toons about 2 weeks old, only got the good armor about 3 days ago.... If I were 20 y/o again I'd spend the time to restart, but now, life is too short as Im watchimg the years fly by. Can't Do. It.
    4. My toons made less than 1 month ago... ill quit daadaaamnnnit
    5. Damn typo in title!!! BUYING (as at least said in first post)
    6. Wtb perfect bow. Will pay dil and/or donation. Let me know price. PM me, Thank you.
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