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    1. HiGHMINDS

      wts & wtb

      wts 100% perf xtal belt max gems=offer wts 10%poison xtal arm max gems=offer wts up lach seal=offer wts 3x max hp wts shooter set rondow perf 9/9fire with-weap=offer wtt>any my item to rw neck fire gold curse wtb 200/180 plume=dils wtb rw necks+9 fire gold curse=dils pm in discord ArmyNavy#4755
    2. HiGHMINDS

      wts and buy

      sell 2hand sword crit sell poison staff 323vit sell fire staff 325vit sell 2hand axe crit sell orb 318 vit sell perf katar id sell dshop i accept offer (dils/donation/dp) or (max tears) pm me at discord (ArmyNavy#4755)
    3. HiGHMINDS

      wts and wtb

      wts perf id katar wts perf hammer crit rainbow wts 2hand axe wts arm alok rainbow wts spear+10 no gems and no option wts tera arm 5%fire 5%mgic dmg wts rw bw set and weap perf wts dshop wts tera bagi set and gaunt perf wtb shooter set and weap=dils wtb mc3 bagi wtb rw helm mage wtb rw any necks+9 pm only discord ArmyNavy#4755
    4. HiGHMINDS

      wts and wtb

      discord me pm guys not active here.(ArmyNavy#4755)
    5. HiGHMINDS

      wts and wtb

      wts perf id katar fire staff 325vit hammer crit rainbow 2hand axe crit spear and arm crit+ar rainbow 10%poison xtam arm max gems 5%curse xtal not max gems tera arm 5%fire 5% magic damage rw bw set and weap perf tera belt perf rw alok armor perf legend pet (wts dsshop item almost 370k+) wtt 10%poison=10%random+dils wtb 200 plume=25b/180plume+19b bagi mc3 wtb any rw necks (no ice)=dils wtb shooter set and weap any perf option =dils/mage pm me on discord(ArmyNavy#4755)
    6. offer 10% xtal armlet poison max gems
    7. HiGHMINDS


      swap to segu
    8. HiGHMINDS


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