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  1. Hello

    Has absolutely nothing to do with yhat xD
  2. Df is great...but there needs to be other ways to get exp. and not everything needs to be party based. waiting for this patch, i hope there are lots of great changes!
  3. What I mean is, you still have to have a party of 5 to get the best exp. And a party of 4 sucks a**. I thought this is what was fixed in the update, but if I am wrong, I apologize.
  4. Respawn Time For Castor Dungeon

    I havent farmed there in quite a while. Guess i didnt know it was so popular xD Of course, my time zone is less active, so there were always empty rooms when i went
  5. Respawn Time For Castor Dungeon

    Theres like 20+ rooms on each channel...i cant imagine every single one being full at one time???? are you sure you checked them all?
  6. Stuck!

    I went back to win 7 and i have no problems now
  7. Stuck!

    Where is your game installed? I found when I had win10 that my game would not liad unless I had the folder on my desktop. I am sure others will say different, but you might want to give it a try
  8. Mine works just fine with the launcher. I hit play and it runs. I use Win7.
  9. Ummm Hmmm. Like I said before, I will remember this when you are asking for a seg to heal your ass in PK
  10. Rank system

    You need to kill mobs/bosses in Under Crespo and/or do DKSQ to get the points
  11. Treasure of crespo A bug

    Thats a know bug. You have to relog at the end.
  12. Sir Please

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion
  13. Sir Please

    Therefore, its something to work hard for xD
  14. Sir Please

    Just like dashes used to be something to work for, now they are easy to get. The ONLY perk to being lvl 200 is transup 3.