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  1. Game crashing

    My game crashes every time DK Square event is held, Will also crash frequently when I exit DK Square and teleport somewhere ETC. Seems my game cant handle that many players. I have a high end computer so I'm not sure what the problem is. Would appreciate any help! Running windows 10 I7-7700K, 16 GBs DDR4, GTX 1070, 525 GB SSD

    I have no gem glow even though my scythe is fully gem'd and slotted
  3. Hey guys so i just finish installing the game and i tried to launch it it open a new small window saying "If you get stuck at this screen, please add C:/Dekaron Rising/bin/dkrising.exe to "DEP Exeptions"." i found the "dkrising.exe" thingy but i cannot found the "DEP Exceptions" folder. not sure what to do, please help .. btw i installed the game on D:/ so im not sure if its really matter or not thanks for help :3
  4. Treasure of crespo A bug

    New player here Have done it today finished and not able to get loot after boss Says my inventory full even when i have nothing there
  5. Yo Nitex

    Bro ive been wanting to play this game for along time now can you please help me,.,.........
  6. The error message always pop up when i hit play from the launcher. "Dekaron Execute Has Stop Working". My app crash. tried it from BIN, same error pops up. Already done all the guide i find on forums, from dep excp, compability mode, manual patch, and i already deleted my anti virus, turning off firewall and defender, add dekaron as an exclusion and ETC. redownload and reinstall it 20 times, but still with the same error. desperate to play, im at a dead end. i have teamviewer. need help guys. @Nitex : Help me pls.
  7. Still got issues!

    Back here again sadly with another problem. I did the 10.3 patch. Game was working after I did the patch. The second time I went to play it, the game crashed on loading screen at 99.9% and said Dekaron execute has stopped working. Obviously the manual patches are not fixing the problems and I'm not going to disable my antivirus. Anything I can do? I have been running it as administrator but it just keeps crashing
  8. Game wont launch!

    My game will not work. The launcher would not launch at first when I installed it. I decided to try the launcher update, which made the problems worse. Now when I open the game, it says that "This app can't run on your PC, To find a version for your PC, Check the software publisher. Running as administrator did not work. I also tried the one in the bin. I launched it regularly and it crashed over and over when it hit the log-in screen. Using administrator made it so it wouldn't even launch. Is the game not windows 10 compatible?Please help!!!