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  1. Hi, A bug with Windows Defender causes big programs to load slowly. Here is a simple picture guide to fix it on Windows 10 -- it is the same process to fix it for other versions of Windows but the bug mainly happens on Windows 10. Post here if you need any more help. Done.
  2. After half of day trying to log in and keep getting low scrren loading and after i log in i got the Response time exceeded, I decided to reinstall the client. Sadly it got worse, now it won't even get to Loading screen, thou I did Every step into making client functional, it just doesn't work. Add exception to DEP~Done Add exception to windows defender~Checked Run game compatible to my OS (win10)~Checked Uninstall freaking antivirus so there won't exist any problem~Checked But still I get this error after I try to open the game... GM's I kindly ask you to fix this error please ... It was really difficult for me even to become a new player here a while ago and now I can't run the game anymore due to this error ... Please Update an Installer that actually works, we the players can handle the settings exceptions and antivirus, but the installer itself is dead ... Now will probably miss all the weekend events due to this error ...