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  1. Hey guys so i just finish installing the game and i tried to launch it it open a new small window saying "If you get stuck at this screen, please add C:/Dekaron Rising/bin/dkrising.exe to "DEP Exeptions"." i found the "dkrising.exe" thingy but i cannot found the "DEP Exceptions" folder. not sure what to do, please help .. btw i installed the game on D:/ so im not sure if its really matter or not thanks for help :3
  2. hi everyone im not sure this topic for here but i need help i have to know what the exp rate of this server? and which action? ty for understaing
  3. Hi everyone, This weeks update is a little early and a little smaller. This is because it's exam week and I need to start studying. I finish with exams next week, so can contribute more to updates then! We've taken into consideration a lot of feedback from players, especially regarding the D-Exchange, drop rates on some gears/weapons, and the D-Exchange. We appreciate all of your feedback and suggestions, and do act on them, so keep them coming! Please remember that all updates are a work in progress. We will continue to make it easier for new players, and we are constantly working on balance. We are extremely pleased with the outcome of the previous balance updates. We've been monitoring PvPs and have some battles where the winner of the PvP won with less than 5,000 HP remaining! You cannot log in without Patch 10.9 (you will get version mismatch error if you try to log in without the latest update). Run your launcher to get the latest update. If your launcher does not work, please use this manual patch: https://mega.nz/#!M0dEAQzB!Fso0Gf3kLwtJ4Wa0_ek3HkN1-6g_TvyIh8mLXibw0vE 1. New Player Revamp Getting started on Dekaron Rising is now much easier. All new characters now start with a level 50 +9 set and weapon. All new characters now start with a level 130 +9 set and weapon. 2. Drop Revamps Fantasy 160 weapons drop has been slightly increased (was already high) Draviss Field 170 weapons drop has been increased from low-medium to medium-high 170 set drop has been added to Draviss Field at a medium-high rate. Stronger monsters = higher drop rate. Mitera 180 weapons now drop from all Mitera monsters at a medium rate. Before you can only get them from the boss at Haihaff, which we determined was not the best option. Osmium armor now drops from all Mitera monsters instead of just the bosses at a medium rate, not just the bosses. The bosses still drop 3 pieces, but you can farm them from all monsters now. Stronger monsters = higher drop rate. 3. D-Exchange Prices Updated The D exchange is important to the game because it allows to get some D-Shop items for free without coins. We've decreased the prices on most items to make it easier. Blacksmith Protector price changed: 125 -> 70 Dragon Bones. Awakening Ocarina: 100 -> 40 Dragon Bones Great Holy Ghost Powder: 25 -> 15 Draviss Authentic Artifacts Invigorating Powder: 25 -> 15 Draviss Authentic Artifacts 4. New Wings: Ghost of Fate Wings (LIMITED EDITION) and Raspin Wings Ghost Wings are Limited Edition and will only be in the D-Shop for 1 month. After one month they will be removed from the D-Shop and only people that bought them will have them. Picture: Raspin Wings added to D-Shop: Picture: 5. Skill Revamps / Balance Changes KR has made it so that skills can go up to level 15 if you upgrade them like you do with weapons. Since skill have to do with balance and gameplay, we won't do such a thing because it is unfair. We've revamped the following skills keeping in mind the current state of our server. The skills are tailored toward improving balance. These changes may or may not be final, we are constantly improving balance and have been making significant progress. I can confidently say that hands down the most balanced private server. Azure Knight Spout Anger Increased Skill Damage Buff/Debuff boosted Offspin Increased skill daamge New debuff: decreased HP rate for 5 seconds Fury of Rondow Increased Skill Damage Increased AOE Size Cooldown slightly decreased Genocide Increased skill damage Defense debuff strengthened Defense debuff time increased from 10 seconds to 15 seconds (lv10) Cyclone Slash: Increased Skill Damage All 4 hits are now AOEs Updated effects Energetic Blade Increased Skill Damage Skill is now an AOE skill New debuff: decreased movement, speed, decreased block rate for 5 seconds Hunter Cross Mastery range damage increased from +30% -> +45%. Bow Mastery range damage increased from +30% -> +45%. Vicious Summoner Blood Bats Casting time decreased by .75 seconds New skill effects and mechanics Recovers more HP with a higher rate. Darkness Increased skill damage Increased AOE size Increased buff duration from 12 seconds to 17 seconds New second debuff: stuns for 3 seconds. Twin Mastery Skill damage buff increased from +30% -> +45%. Defenese buff increased from +30% -> +45% Segnale Sleep Trigger chance rate increased from 70% -> 100% Wide Sleep Trigger chance rate increased from 40% -> 65% Paralyze Paralyze effect increased from 8.5 -> 11 seconds Curse/mp debuff increased from 10 -> 13 seconds Menta AOE Sleep trigger chance rate increased from 70% -> 100%. Aloken LaDefense Buff duration increased from 10 seconds to 20 seconds Melee damage resistance increased from 75% to 80%, now also decreases other damage by 50%. Les Ailes Dechirees Damage increased AOE size increased New debuff: HP drain Judgement Step Damage increased New stacking debuff from level 6~10: skill locked, -100% movement, speed, -100% attack speed for 4 seconds (lv 10). Spear Mastery Damage buff increased from +30% to +45%. Concerra Summoner Top Blade Skill damage has been increased Achilles Burst Skill damage increased Stun increased from 2 seconds to 3 seconds Movement speed/guard/defense debuff duration increased from 3.8 seconds to 5 seconds Blood Bats Casting time decreased by .75 seconds New skill effects and mechanics Recovers more HP with a higher rate. Shadow Attack Skill damage increased Critical rate buff duration increased from 3.5 seconds to 5 seconds and increased from +60% -> +100% Bleeding debuff now drains more HP Ghost Dancing Skill damage increased Last 3 hits are now AOE instead of just the last two. Half Bagi Katar Mastery Overall damage increase boosted from 40% -> 45% Falchion Mastery Overall damage increase boosted from 40% -> 45%. Other Overall damage has been increased across the board -- varies between stat builds and skills Skill damage has been rescaled and the class is overall much more stronger. Damage per level has been increased Damage per stats (STR, DEX) has been increased. Defense per level has been increased. Other changes have been made to improve the class further. Dragon Knight Retrea Skill damage increased Cooldown decreased from 31 seconds to 21 seconds Heavy Crash Skill is now a single-target skill (can be used in PK) Skill damage increased Cooldown decreased from 31 seconds to 21 seconds Whole Strike Skill has been completely revamped between level 5~10 Increased Damage and more hits Decreased cooldown from 31 seconds to 21 seconds. Obortan 1 Damage buff increased, now lasts 120 seconds instead of 60. Critical Rise Now increases more critical rate, lasts 70 seconds instead of 30. Health Regain Now increases more HP regeneration, lasts 25 seconds instead of 15. Atollage Skill damage increased Cooldown decreased from 31 seconds to 21 seconds. ChargeDiss Skill damage increased Cooldown decreased from 31 seconds to 26 seconds New debuff level 5~10: stun/detargeted. 6. Other / Miscellaneous Fixed some weird visual bugs with the Shadow costumes affecting some classes. Updated Colosseum announcement UI to be clearer and more noticable.
  4. New Donation Methods

    Hi ppl, admins. just that ! what about new donation methods? i've talking around with some players from around the world, that just dont donate cuz they dont like paypal or don't have credit card, or they have some country troubles. i think that could be great that u put some new payment methods, like quick direct buy, bank payments, mobile payments, skrill, DineroMail, like many prvt sv of any mmorpg ! just saying, meaby this could be profitable, moneymaking for the sv and players will be happy? lol.. just a suggestion =) hope ur responses !
  5. Hey. i'm new (:

    Hey, new here in rising (: